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Agust D '대취타' MV | I'm crying!!! Its Everything I wanted for Suga's Comeback | REACTION!!!

Video info Agust D '대취타' MV | I'm crying!!! Its Everything I wanted for Suga's Comeback | REACTION!!!

Title :  Agust D '대취타' MV | I'm crying!!! Its Everything I wanted for Suga's Comeback | REACTION!!!
Duration :   876
Publication Date :   2020-05-22
Views :   743,260
Liked :   69
Not liked :   845

Video frames Agust D '대취타' MV | I'm crying!!! Its Everything I wanted for Suga's Comeback | REACTION!!!

Video Description Agust D '대취타' MV | I'm crying!!! Its Everything I wanted for Suga's Comeback | REACTION!!!

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Check out my reaction to Agust D '대취타' MV | I'm crying!!! Its Everything I wanted for Suga's Comeback | REACTION!!!

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Video Comments Agust D '대취타' MV | I'm crying!!! Its Everything I wanted for Suga's Comeback | REACTION!!!

Victoria Postmus
Yooo he needs to see Lay Zhangs new music video Lit 🔥
Comment by : Victoria Postmus

The official video was released on my birthday
Comment by : Kitsune

Your reaction videos are my favorite. Just saying. I love how you can actually appreciate the artistry.
2:20 let us pray
(I cry all the time so I know the feels)
7:20 haha the flow yep yep

Comment by : perdykool

Yolanthe Reads
ya'll be waiting for D-3 comeback in 2024 !!
Comment by : Yolanthe Reads

kookie likes—
Bris: I got a headache! I got a headache!
Me: dead

Comment by : kookie likes—

ali elkadiki
suga legit made me a fan with this damn
Comment by : ali elkadiki

Julia Kamal
Best reaction ever😂😂
Comment by : Julia Kamal

wa _waaa
Okey guys i already watch many reaction to daecwhita mv but this man really hit me 😂 and hes funny tho 😂
Comment by : wa _waaa

allah bless
Now do a video on the Jim Jones Sample and the Bighit note,and be real no dickriding
Comment by : allah bless

jas kas
Bris was soo into the song that he didn't even notice Jin bumping into yoongi and then fighting with jk
Comment by : jas kas

naomiii amii SEOKJIN
talk your sh** broo. hahaha i love this.
Comment by : naomiii amii SEOKJIN

naomiii amii SEOKJIN
I love your reaction the most. 💜
Comment by : naomiii amii SEOKJIN

salsaa _
suga & agust, u got this mann 😂
Comment by : salsaa _

I don’t think he saw Jin and jk at the back 😅
Comment by : HELLO

Kim Jisso
3:03 the person in the back was jin
Comment by : Kim Jisso

Iris Grimalt
the video is absolutely dope but watching your reactions is 400 times better <3 Bless you, u made my day
Comment by : Iris Grimalt

Ethea Alyanna Lagaya
Your's is the reaction that I love the most & I've seen dozens already. Thanks
Comment by : Ethea Alyanna Lagaya

carla celeste villanueva
No te entiendí nada pero tu reacción me encantó!!!!!
Comment by : carla celeste villanueva

Taekookie BTS
Omg imagine being at a concert and he sing this song😂🙈
Comment by : Taekookie BTS

Too much Suga gives Bris an ice cream headache :)
Comment by : Fergus

Dominique Myers
I don't know if you know yet and I'm sure I'm late to tell you but yes the whole album is out! I brought on iTunes the same day it was released... I didn't get a notification from YouTube either. I actually found out about the Agust D 2 video from someone's reaction video
Comment by : Dominique Myers

Gladya Pieter
Love this react😊😊😊
Comment by : Gladya Pieter

Dominique Myers
We forgive you for your cursing lol 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣 I can't lie everything about reacting to this makes you wanna curse, cry, scream, and laugh with happiness 💜💜💜💜
Comment by : Dominique Myers

Dominique Myers
I'm sooooooo in love with K-Pop 💜💜💜💜
Comment by : Dominique Myers

Dominique Myers
Who is your biases in BTS and do you listen to other K-Pop bands??
Comment by : Dominique Myers

Yancy Duanes
Comment by : Yancy Duanes

Irvan Lubis
Plis react Secret number who dis or holiday
Thank u

Comment by : Irvan Lubis

Phire Tiger
Yes the entire mixtape is out. Watch the video were he explains it.
Comment by : Phire Tiger

The Kamen Family
I love your reaction! 😍😍😍
Comment by : The Kamen Family

Melodye Bird
“Bro, this is a whole Netflix movie!” 😂🤣😂
Comment by : Melodye Bird

Shannon K Fleming
The scar is a Tony Montana reference. Estrella Marie Alinea, studied at De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde it explains it here:

Comment by : Shannon K Fleming

kenzie smith
you can tell this is he’s where he belongs, he’s most passionate about his rap
Comment by : kenzie smith

Heartbeat MyHeartsOnFire
U are my favourite reaction youtuber!!
Comment by : Heartbeat MyHeartsOnFire

Ice Angel
That black with the fade reminds me of Mino, especially that visual at 6:25
Comment by : Ice Angel

Comment by : RUBY Lee

ArmyxBTS Aisha
Can you please react to AB6IX ‘hollywood’ if you didn’t react to it yet😅
Comment by : ArmyxBTS Aisha

Comment by : Bunnykookie

putri septianti
Comment by : putri septianti

bin j
Comment by : bin j

너무 팬인데
한국어자막도 달아주면 좋겠어요🙏🏻

Comment by : 닥스훈트맛집

JstUrHope bts
Agust d man can't nobody touch him. Your theory is right on. Yes d2 mixtape on spotify.
Comment by : JstUrHope bts

As a K-Pop newbie, I take your word for all of this...thank you for bringing this guy to my attention!
Comment by : WeAreTheRumerz

Demetri Polychronopoulos
Yo, suga bumped in to jin at 2:58, yall missed it😭😭😭
Comment by : Demetri Polychronopoulos

Kier Boo
I just love how he flows with a hiccup effects in the end
Comment by : Kier Boo

Shannon McCarthy
This is a little unrelated but can I just say how f--king brilliant your intro music is. Had me bopping my head before the video even began, had me shook a little I admit.

Anyways, have a fab day. Everyone's lives have now been blessed with the musical genius of King Yoongi 왕 민윤기님 and also seeing your bright smile and infectious laughter. Have a wonderful day Bris, peace.

Comment by : Shannon McCarthy

Dilara Pulcu
Your reactions are literally gold I can’t „I broke my chair“😂
Comment by : Dilara Pulcu

ezza chan
king agust d has white hair. its yoongi back in 2015 when he did agust d with white hair and hes now a king.
black hair, new, agust d is here to face his old self and take over.

Comment by : ezza chan

K Pop
He didn’t see jin and junngkook
Comment by : K Pop

K Pop
What happend to your intro ?
Comment by : K Pop

Karla Cruz
thank you so much for being hyped up over some other culture's music--a lot of people are not very open-minded to K-pop, so thank you for being one of the cool people that take the time to give praise to creations like this! thank you thank you thank you <3<3<3
Comment by : Karla Cruz

ikjoon kim
The confrontation between good and evil in Suga
Defeating the evil that plagued Sugar inside Suga.
The real real name of the last gun used is Army.

Comment by : ikjoon kim

sapoandiI 31
Because secret number, tranding in yutube
Comment by : sapoandiI 31

sapoandiI 31
Do you know secret number, they new debut,. I want you reaction secret number, i belife y not bussy
Comment by : sapoandiI 31

Adrian Andales
i really hoped you noticed jin and jungkook fighting in the background 😂😂😂😂
Comment by : Adrian Andales

benaguida hasnaa
Love your réaction
Comment by : benaguida hasnaa

Lilma Aquino
Behind the suga is Jin and jungkook
Comment by : Lilma Aquino

JustinFT AMV
So no one noticed Jin and JK in the back at the market fighting? okay then...
Comment by : JustinFT AMV

Минайше Назарова
thank you
Comment by : Минайше Назарова

Vina Z
I just love how he didn't notice jinkook fighting or I think it was jimin and tae on the car if I'm not mistaken
Comment by : Vina Z

Ειρηνη Ιωαννου
Netflix movie,🤣🤣
Comment by : Ειρηνη Ιωαννου

ig11 Ilwoo
You are phenomenal in how you react 😄🙏❤️
Comment by : ig11 Ilwoo

Natalie Chiwira
i really loved the video and the mixtape!!!!!
i live for your reviews on BTS.
its everything!!!
love Bris

Comment by : Natalie Chiwira

Alexandra Valdés
I just love how everybody gets excited watching and hearing this song, it’s clearly a master piece... Daechwita is art 😌🙏🏻
Comment by : Alexandra Valdés

Maria Antonia Carvajal
Duuuudeee, you missed the cameo and the easter egg!!! React to those scenes please! When Jin and Kookie fight and then when Bang Pd-nim’s drawing appears on the scroll.
Comment by : Maria Antonia Carvajal

Rina Deviwijayanthi
"I need new haters, the old one already become my fans" -AgustD
Also "haters said my songs are ugly, I got the inspiration from the haters so what?" He said that while his songs just going up and broke many charts. What a king 😎😎

Comment by : Rina Deviwijayanthi

Riseynz Rios
I started laughing when he said that he broke his chair lmao, the power of Agust D y'all.
Comment by : Riseynz Rios

Ka tie
Yoongi didn’t sign up because of RM. He was an underground rapper before his audition, when he first got in BH he wanted to just be producer but he liked b-boying and one thing led to another, they convinced him to join a group for a debut in the company telling him they were all rappers and would be hiphop influenced, that slowly evolved into a KPOP group, getting singers in the group first and then making them dance.
Comment by : Ka tie

Park Jenna
Like you said no no no no In Arabic?!!,
Comment by : Park Jenna

Kimia Hosseinifar
Did anyone else notice jin in a beard with jungkook?
Comment by : Kimia Hosseinifar

Matlhatsi Caroline
Didn't anyone else see that is jin that bumped into yoongi at 3:00 and jk beats him up
Comment by : Matlhatsi Caroline

Melvina Grady
BRISxLIFE: "All the little kiddies out there please cover your ears"

Little Kiddies: "Don't worry.... I hear more at home"

Comment by : Melvina Grady

Love You Taehyung
Honestly, Bris would be fire in a mv video lmao
Comment by : Love You Taehyung

Can you react to "I made a song out of BTS memes"? PLEASE
Comment by : ꧁MalMallow꧂

Genie Q
Lol @ “I broke my chair” I was that excited too! Hahaha
Comment by : Genie Q

Janet Stafford
People keep saying kings couldn't have scars but princes were trained from a young ages in weaponry not to mention hunting accidents or horse riding accidents. Men were scarred all the time. If a crown prince who happened to be an only son was scarred do you honestly think he couldn't be king? Now the women were another matter, they were inspected for blemishes before allowed into the royal chambers whether as a wife or a concubine.
Comment by : Janet Stafford

Jiminie Chimchim
Maaan,and I thought I went crazy when I first saw this mv. This man here outdid me,I'm proud of you bro,love your energy😂
Comment by : Jiminie Chimchim

Eldsflamma 82
”Is that a head!?” had me laughing so hard😂🤣😂
Comment by : Eldsflamma 82

Shelamee Gatusani
same feels with when he's all tied up and blindfolded. the flow right there was personally my favorite.
Comment by : Shelamee Gatusani

Bangtans MoMents'
Para bajingan yang menyedihkan itu
Tampil di acara talent swow ,,
Konyol hanya acara sampah katanya ha.ha
😮🤭🤭😌😌😌 Nyindir Siapa ya ??
Kepo gue🤣🤣🤣

Hajarr kuceng oren ku😆
Lirik indo

Comment by : Bangtans MoMents'

Nikka Pamuspusan
Whenever Daechwita is played, it means the King is coming. KING AGUST D!

'Daechwita' itself in its original sense is a genre of music back in Joseon Dynasty where it is played whenever there is an ARMY marching and/or the King himself is coming.
Fun Fact: "Min" Suga is actually of royal bloodline descent from the Yeoheung Min clan, the same clan where the last Empress of Korea is from.

Comment by : Nikka Pamuspusan

Nicz Kim
Please can you react the video of jungkook can do everything... Please.....just search jungkook can do everything thing...thank you
Comment by : Nicz Kim

Michael Brent
Anyone notice Jin and Junkook fighting at 0:58 ? Jin with a little beard...could be wrong though
Comment by : Michael Brent

miss bushu
Please react to Lady Gaga and blackpink sour candy
Comment by : miss bushu

Asma Mihoubi
He didn't know that he was jin and Jungkook 😂🐰💛👱
Comment by : Asma Mihoubi

Isfarina Sarosa
Did you realise that JinKook is in it tho lol
Comment by : Isfarina Sarosa

krathariz Gaming
All the people who say RM is the better rapper

SUGA comes in :

Comment by : krathariz Gaming

Lee Won sa
Iam still focusing on jin and jungkook 🌚💔 like he focused on people on the ground maybe he is into it so he didn't notice
Comment by : Lee Won sa

Diego Nieto Duran
Jaja I did not overcome, where jungkook and jin came out beating behind suga😅🤣🤣🤣🤣 suga y jin agarrándose a madrasos we
Comment by : Diego Nieto Duran

okow tina
that’s fighting with Jin is Jungkook?
Comment by : okow tina

Moh. Aldi
Hello pop gengs reaction mv agust d
Subscriber ya guys

Comment by : Moh. Aldi

Hannah Blancas
I'm a non-bts fan, haven't finished any of their MVs (except this) and my sister asked me to react on this. I uploaded it on my channel. 🙈
Comment by : Hannah Blancas

koni ria
This mv story is . 2 different agust D. The king is the old agust D 1 telling that how hard agust D become idol. And the modern agust D is yoongi now he got what he want's. And the end mv the modern agust d are killing the old agust D.
Comment by : koni ria

Shannon Clarkson
I don't know if i'm reading too much into it, but i like to think the 6 torches surrounding him when he is tied up are the rest of BTS :)
Comment by : Shannon Clarkson

zulaikha muradi
the. swag . daddy . flow.
e y e -

Comment by : zulaikha muradi

StRaY KiDs 1
U didn't notice jin and jungkook fighting in the background at 3:00
Comment by : StRaY KiDs 1

Sad_ _Nugg
he ain’t cutting off his old self he’s cutting off the ‘new’ wanna be august d, he’s agust d coming back with the same jacket from agust d, to kill this wanna be
Comment by : Sad_ _Nugg

Kayda Mills
Btw twice a coming out with a new music video
Comment by : Kayda Mills

k s
i love this guy! he is so respectful to Yoongi and BTS! his reaction is funny:^)
Comment by : k s

Vivian Tran
He didn’t even notice Jin and jungkook were in the back 🤦🏻‍♀️
Comment by : Vivian Tran

Cool reaction🤣
Comment by : 이우주

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