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Bobby Owsinski - Improve the Sound of Your Room

Video info Bobby Owsinski - Improve the Sound of Your Room

Title :  Bobby Owsinski - Improve the Sound of Your Room
Duration :   6608
User :  Nimbus School of Recording \u0026 Media
Publication Date :   2016-06-15
Views :   872,169
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Not liked :   518

Video frames Bobby Owsinski - Improve the Sound of Your Room

Video Description Bobby Owsinski - Improve the Sound of Your Room

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Musician, Producer and Author, Bobby Owsinski ( bobbyowsinski ) talks about acoustic theory, and how to affordably improve the sound of your room for under $150, prevent audio leakage and more.

Nimbus School of Recording & Media is Canada’s elite music and media school offering small class sizes, mentorship from industry experts and hands-on training in real world scenarios. Courses include: audio engineering, music production, video production, post & game audio, live sound, hip hop production, and the music business.

Video Comments Bobby Owsinski - Improve the Sound of Your Room

start video @ 13:58 quite funny.
Comment by : Chris

will b
you said to pull down 2K on eq, im guessing for vocals? How much? Also, what is the first thing youd suggest to start compressing? vocals probably? ALSO: What physical comressor unit would you suggest buying to compress well without guesswork?
Comment by : will b

Johnny Bravo
fill your walls with cellulose NUFF said
Comment by : Johnny Bravo

Mark Holiday
I REALLY need help in the form of advice from audiophilic or from the audio professional.
What is the most "CLEAN" sounding, or "TRANSPARENT" or "true sounding" speakers in the world? I need a true reference speaker. With the FLATTEST response ever! PLEASE, help me!
P.S. Liked and subscribed btw))

Comment by : Mark Holiday

Lucky Man
A lot of BS
Comment by : Lucky Man

Dick head .......  you don't use ac in noise control
Comment by : MrSprocket2u

Frallorfrallor Frallorfrallorfrallor
rockwoll :D befor eyou ended the list im pretty sure on the packages it tells it insulating and sounddampening
Comment by : Frallorfrallor Frallorfrallorfrallor

Tazmanian Ninja
One thing to be aware of, is using too much material that dampen only high frequencies. You need to deal with the whole frequency spectrum in balanced manner. Else you get a very muffled, "rumbly" room.

Diffusors are great too! Incl. in small rooms. Especially if one is also recording in that room, as it gives you more of a micro-reverb than a micro-echo (more diffuse).

Comment by : Tazmanian Ninja

Melroy van den Berg
Isolation: 11:04
Doors & Windows: 20:36
Small rooms & bass traps: 52:44
Summary: 56:45

Comment by : Melroy van den Berg

Tybok C
if only homes were built like they were 100's of yrs ago.. They'd build them 3 leaves thick.. So the walls were very thick.. Nowadays they build homes with a sheet of plasterboard with injected foam inbetween the cavity.. (between both sides of the plasterboard walls). shit for soundproofing.
Comment by : Tybok C

This video is a banger... thanks for all the info. From room design to affordable studio mics... Banger mate... Banger!
Comment by : showdownz

Ky Fisher
My rooms awful and I can't do much to fix this, what are everyone's opinions on mixing with headphones
Comment by : Ky Fisher

Ly Spooner
Speaking of getting good sound, it helps to repeat the questions and comments from the audience, because they are inaudible.
Comment by : Ly Spooner

Wow great technique. Thank you for sharing.
Comment by : wellguitarhero_ph

Are you Bill Gates brother?
Comment by : hitty9

Comment by : YNOT

////sadly most of today’s music “talents” has to be shaped through plug ins, their looks has to be photoshopped and their chart placing has to be bought..shite in, shite out,
Comment by : BADA BING

Hideaki Anno
Great video I love Bob. He seems so sad in the video though. He needs a hug I want to hug him.
Comment by : Hideaki Anno

wow thank you for this bob you have a very listenable and digestable tone to your voice and make it very easy to comprehend . im a sound addict and i learned so much here . the sound water thing man
Comment by : Nick Fenton TRAVETTI MUSIC PROD

Cat From Outer Space
They don´t know who Linda Perry is. One of the greatest producers of the 90´s an onward.
Comment by : Cat From Outer Space

Is'nt there a app for this guy
Comment by : icunruok

J König
This man have realy tru...I say this same, but nobody me hears. This is years of practice.
Comment by : J König

Con- Fusion
Mini - splits are not quiet
Comment by : Con- Fusion

Murat Çolak
He is a great resource but really, REALLY bad lecturer. OMG impossible to listen
Comment by : Murat Çolak

Comment by : isblazed

Aaron Smith
27:25 is a seeeeeriously deep booger dive from homeboy on the right side 😂😂😂
Comment by : Aaron Smith

Darshit Nayak
I keep coming back to this video time and again to learn a new thing every time, 2 hours of pure wisdom!
Comment by : Darshit Nayak

If you're crunched on time, start from 25:21 and end at 1:02:20. The rest of the video is a Q&A that could be useful depending on your curiosity.
Comment by : TheToobNube

J. David Rolader
*having flashbacks of watching my mother in law getting screwed over by every mechanic in town. He made this about 42 times as complicated sounding as it needed to be. Made it 1/4 of the way through! Sweat beading on forehead...
Comment by : J. David Rolader

Hired Goonage
Great video, but playing with Rockwool all day long? I don't think so. It's better than fiberglass but some people are going to react to those rockwool fibers. I have 8" Roxul in my walls, but for weeks it was hard on my eyes, throat, and lungs.
Comment by : Hired Goonage

I'm in an attic, directly under the roof's ridge (h=2,5m / 8,2 ft). Does this mean I can discard all the isolation and acoustic treatment suggestions for the ceiling and treat the roof decks as walls or do different rules apply in my particular case? (Both decks are pretty steep at about 55 degrees).
Comment by : HOOKSnKISSES

Great video-- a must watch the whole way through. Also, when buying speakers at a store, aim to keep the Serial Numbers in the same family.. example, speaker A serial #001, speaker B serial #002.... that way you aren't buying one new monitor and one old monitor that's been sitting for months/years and was just found and put back into inventory ;)
Comment by : 4PM

Jer JG
Comment by : Jer JG

Paul Chabot
I wouldn't skip anything... This whole thing is gold...
Comment by : Paul Chabot

Thank you, Bobby Owsinski, yesterday evening I didn't know who you were, but I do now, and I realize this is a blessing indeed.
Comment by : Believeinyourself

1:42:00 It sounds like you did you a favor though, something that everyone needs to do more of, take care of themselves first in order to be at their best to serve their clients.
Comment by : Believeinyourself

1:33:00 Solid Gold ^_^
Comment by : Believeinyourself

1:28:00 Because they don't know what they don't know...this is what coaching and mentorship can turn around, right here. This also implies that not only here, but most likely anything that would benefit from a broader perspective will help make the world a better place.
Comment by : Believeinyourself

He looks like Harpo Marx. Groucho Marx sidekick! He!he!
Comment by : infonator1

31:25 guy picking nose
Comment by : Techgeek

Frank Huizar
This was thoroughly enjoyable, very educational and I liked it so much I subscribed. I’m about to move into a new house, and have been given a room to use for my home studio. The room is very close to square. Trying to make it work for everybody in the house...including me : - )
Comment by : Frank Huizar

I really enjoyed the section on acoustic treatment starting at about 25:00 minute mark. I plan to do my music room shortly using all your DIY tips. I even have a wall to ceiling bookcase (Ikea made) to use for the back wall. Thanks so much for an easy to understand video
Comment by : dsonyay

Fried Mule
The most insane solution I have ever seen were our national TV main station. They dug a giant hole in the ground and build a room down there, in that room did they build an anechoic chamber. Inside that did they suspend a free hanging room, to get the acoustic reflection back. The stairs down to the room were in its own sealed room and did not touch any walls, the electricity were run from batteries inside the room and charged up, when it was not used. Totally insane solution!! They have gone to these length, even to prevent a mole rat from making noise outside in the ground. :-)
Comment by : Fried Mule

We have to face it. He is right.
Comment by : Statist0815

Richard De Gannes
Hello Bob, Would you recommend Active over Passive speakers for HOME Hifi? I am thinking of ATC SCM100 ASL (Active) or Harbeth M40.2 40th Anniversary speakers (Passive). Thanks
Comment by : Richard De Gannes

mini split does NOT exchange air... Home depot also does NOT sell DIY kits.
Comment by : DanLiveOnUTube

Michel Karlos
This is gold. Nice refreshment for me. Thanks!
Comment by : Michel Karlos

Diego Suplado
i have a recording studio and no neighbors within 1 km in a stone, steel and glass house with zero wood components. Im not into high volume db.
Comment by : Diego Suplado

I'm wanting to improve the dampening in my recordings not isolation. So that it sounds better. That's where I need the advise or recommendations.
Comment by : infonator1

Albert Max Carrion
Another way to use a mirror to mark your Reflection-Free Zones is to take a mirror and slide it around the walls and wherever you can see the faces of your speakers in the mirrors from any listening positions is where you want to put your foam. You will definitely need two people to do it this way.
Comment by : Albert Max Carrion

much better then a minisplit is a heat pump. you will have a heated/chilled floor. non of them will exchange the air in the room tho...
Comment by : Shazam

Jens Hilzensauer
What a great dude! Thx Bobby!
Comment by : Jens Hilzensauer

People watching this: Do yourself a favour and learn to use REW aka Room Eq Wizard and learn the basics of room acoustics. The room simulator in REW will pretty quickly show you why there is so much wrong going on in this presentation, too much to begin to explain except for one example: There is just no way the best listening position always will centeres in the room. That will place your ears right in the nulls of the first and third room modes of the length and the width axis of the room. In my room that will give a gigantic suck out centered at 23 Hz, 36 Hz, 79 Hz and 108 Hz. Please not that these nulls cannot be compensated using Eq, they are there regardless how much power you put in.

Try searching for room mode calculator .xls floyd toole and you will find a simple and free Excel based tool that can be used to get an impression of the primary room modes of concern. With the REW you can tweak and make simulations before actually moving yourself or the speakers around. I have a fairly problematic room and the simulations and measurements have made it possible to obtain an extremely linear sound reproduction fra 15 to 15.000 Hz.

Comment by : MovieViking

Neil Aspinall
Egg 'crates' ??? There are egg cartons bud, a crate is usually made of wood or plastic but you knew that.
Comment by : Neil Aspinall

My room is a perfect square :(
Comment by : kkkfts

Goran Yau
he didn't explain why reflection from wall and ceiling have to be reduced but that from the floor need not, it will be very different from tiles floor than from wood floor
Comment by : Goran Yau

Kyle Holman
#1 Mixing tip gain staging.
Comment by : Kyle Holman

1:18 I raised my hand lol
Comment by : LapisGoBlue

Andy Vv
I like your polite style sir!
Comment by : Andy Vv

Bobby is such a gr8 tutor.
Comment by : Snobdude

Andy Nonimuss
Typical 2-Way Studio Monitor Setup by Sterling Hill: (Also shows Stereo Vertex Point and the average Head Lean.)
Comment by : Andy Nonimuss

A. J. Martin
Take your time and get some books on this, study them. Trying to compensate for incorrect room dimensions is like trying to compensate when you've added too much salt to the soup. Any corrections may improve things a little, but not by much. Other negative effects show up. There aren't any magic materials that will correct a fatal mistake. Most old wives tales are just that, and you'll wind up with a compromised room, rather than one that sounds clean. Putting egg cartons and carpeting on walls is one. Once you've carpeted one wall, like the floor, it's almost impossible to get a good sounding room. I first learned about the futility of trying to cure for bad room dimensions with an 8x8x16 foot room, next to the worst combination for size! There are many combinations of room size that will work pretty well, but they're almost never even numbers, like 10x12. It may end up something like 10x12.8. If I get time, I'll find some room dimension combinations and post them here later. Without starting with good room dimension ratios, it'll be like correcting for too much salt in the soup!
Comment by : A. J. Martin

Let’s talk all about what doesn’t work. Get to the point
Comment by : briansnc2008

Teetree Bob
This guy's voice makes me want to fall asleep! Shame, perhaps he wants a rocket up his A***
Comment by : Teetree Bob

Can mold attack rockwool?
Comment by : NATmusic

Okan Sabuncular
Spilit can not give air exchange. re you kiding.
Comment by : Okan Sabuncular

You this be Overkill for home theater?
Comment by : Ross

Tomas Washup
thank you very much for this video.
Comment by : Tomas Washup

Is Roxul AFB same as Rockwool Safe n Sound? That's what we found in Lowes. TIA
Comment by : DOKO TV

Inanc Gumus
+ Use acoustic panels (fiberglass or rockwool) on both sides of the room and also on the ceiling
+ Put bass traps on corners (intersections): Cover fiberglass with fabric and stick'em
+ Sit at the center of your room
+ Place your desk on the longer side of a room
+ Put your speakers 12" away from the wall you're sitting against

Comment by : Inanc Gumus

Beau Buras
made my room a hole lot better haha get it cuz holes thanks bob!
Comment by : Beau Buras

Marcus Jay
I'm getting a strong Dr Steve Brule vibe.
Comment by : Marcus Jay

Alejo Prieto
WARNING! Mini-split does not exchange air. This unit will need air ventilation to provide oxygen. Please talk to a professional.
Comment by : Alejo Prieto

Jameel Jahmay
I am building my own speaker monitor stands.I have Eve SC208 that are my second monitors and larger monitors,Is it best to use sand for mass within the wood that will be used or would using extra wood be just as good?
Comment by : Jameel Jahmay

Write Deal Publishing
Awesome stuff !!! Sound is crazy and fascinating

Comment by : Write Deal Publishing

Liam Straub
im getting really dizzy watching this. watching him move makes my eyes hurt
Comment by : Liam Straub

James Stallard
This guy thinks rockwool is not a health hazard, that shit will fuk you up son haha
Comment by : James Stallard

Auralex gave him a down vote
Comment by : CLAGMAN1000

5 Acoustic tips that cost you zero money. Tip 4 buy acoustic foam that decouples your monitors :)
Comment by : thepiecesfit

Jonathan Blauert
Fantastic explanation of proper use of compression at around 1:45:00.
Comment by : Jonathan Blauert

Those mini-split systems are rather inexpensive these days... $700 on Amazon for a DIY pre-charged system.
Comment by : Dustin

Jaroslaw Stepniak
Thanks (y)
Comment by : Jaroslaw Stepniak

I am not worried about isolation, I don't have neighbors, I just want good sound....
Comment by : regalblue41

darren gee
Good advice, but distracted buy the dude in the hat picking his nose and rolling it and then eating it!
Comment by : darren gee

Jim Brown
1) Learn how to use the formula for the length of one wavelength of a tone, at a given frequency,
then calculate the 3 frequencies where your room WILL resonate terribly,
so that you will know the primary problems that you MUST eliminate.

2) The Corners of the room, (where 3 surfaces meet, and, to a lesser degree, where 2 surfaces meet),
are where ALL SOUND is concentrated, these are the MOST IMPORTANT areas to COMPLETELY DEADEN
with the HEAVIEST Fiber Glass or Rock Wool that you can creatively cram into the corners, BIGGER IS ALWAYS BETTER here.
This is mostly for dealing with lower frequencies, which are ALWAYS the biggest problem.
The "flat" surfaces, (walls and ceiling), can lean more towards ABSORBING, (not "dispersing"), the higher frequencies.
Diffusion techniques are generally more expensive, take up more space, and have almost ZERO effect on lower frequencies.

3) A complete "roll" of Fiber Glass, (leave it in the plastic bag it comes in), is great for stacking in the corners, and is EXTREMELY EFFECTIVE.
Floor to ceiling is best, and more is always better.

4) Monitors.....
a) NEVER USE a ported cabinet EVER.
b) Make your own "Corner Cabinets" and install them at the ceiling, in the corners, otherwise follow the advice in the video.
Corner cabinets perform miracles. SEALED CABINETS ONLY , Ported Cabinets are DISTORTION GENERATORS.
c) You must also use a SEALED Sub-Bass Cabinet, which MUST BE installed in a corner, at the ceiling is also fine, but it's a large cabinet.
Use ~70 to ~80Hz as a Sub crossover frequency, this means a minimum of a 10 inch Mid-Bass/Midrange Driver, in a SEALED cabinet.
d) NEVER use Monitors with a Passive Crossover Network.
ALWAYS use a Tri-Amped, or Quad-Amped Sound System with an ACTIVE Crossover.

5) If you are actually building new walls DO NOT install ANY Electrical, or Audio outlets in the walls.
Use, what is referred to as rubber "SO-Cord" to a metal "Quad-Box" with 2 outlets, for electrical power. (make at least 4 of these).
There should be a small Circuit Breaker Panel, mounted to a wall, to feed the "Quad Boxes" with 2- 20-amp circuits per Quad Box.
Use ONLY "20-Amp", "Specification Grade" outlets, NEVER USE "15-Amp" generic outlets FOR ANYTHING in a Studio.

6) When installing a "Mini-Split" AC unit, do not mount it to a wall, hang it with "all-thread" from the ceiling, and use rubber bushings.

7) ANY diffuser or absorber on a wall will work substantially better when spaced-out away from the wall,
the further out from the wall, the lower the frequencies that will be affected.

Comment by : Jim Brown

Daniel Yang
Other than lasagna, I didn’t know Garfield was a sound specialist,
Comment by : Daniel Yang

Jesse Mendez
At 1:44 you mention to listen louder to make a better assessment. I totally disagree. Listening at lower levels give a better representation of overall sound and a cleaner sound when you raise the volume. Rule of thumb: if it sounds great at a lower volume it will sound just as good when you raise the volume level. This is the best way to get a better overall level to any song. This is coming from 40 years of audio engineering from me working in professional recording studios nationwide with artists of different genre. Especially now with the emergence of digital technology it is important to find those problem spots in a recording. This is only found when you listen at lower levels and then increasing the sound level to see if you have any distortions. Analog recordings are a different ball game and give a better overall sound or truer sound. Most important is personal taste. A perfect mix to one ear may not be to another ear.
Comment by : Jesse Mendez

Luke Bergs
The 5 tips he´s pointing out:
1. Put your monitors away from the wall (at least 12 to 18 inches)
2. Your work space should be in the middle of the two sidewalls (this will prevent from unequal reflections)
3. Your work space should be set up lenght-wise in your room (so that the sound of your speakers will travel longer before reflecting on the opposite wall)
4. Decouple your monitors (with acoustic isolators or monitor stands)
5. Set up your monitors correctly

Comment by : Luke Bergs

I now feel more comfortable sticking my open mouth toward the fire hose that is the John Sayers Studio Design Forum
Comment by : sartoriusrock

Electronics: "Air gap resistor" is a joke describing something that obviously won't work
Acoustics: "Air gap resistor" is an actual method of improving your room

Comment by : sartoriusrock

good video with great points BUT

Acoustic foam is GREAT for reducing high frequency 1k to 8k reflections and echoes which are awful in small rooms with hard flat walls, which is super common in home studios. Yes bass is always trickier, but a little acoustic foam can certainly help with sources that have a lot of HF information like acoustic guitars and voice.

Comment by : CHRIS VI

Dr. John Paladin Show
Clear, concise and thorough.
Comment by : Dr. John Paladin Show

PowerTo ThePeaceful
See the results for your selves in this little test video i did 2 days after applying the foam and acoustics seals to the door. Client is extremely happy with it claiming from inside the studio he can hear nothing outside.
This project involved measuring the inside of the door frame then cutting the 25mm thick pyrosorb to fit the door precisely. Self adhesive without damaging the door. Then apply 2 strips of rubber acoustic seals to the 'inside' of the door stoppers. The thick foam then squashes down on the strips forming a tight seal! :)

Comment by : PowerTo ThePeaceful

Sorry but central A/C is about $5k not $50K and is is virtually noiseless. This guy of full of shit.
Comment by : mzan99

Isak Gjerstad
The gap under the door is there for ventilation. Aroom needs to breath, so if you dont have electronic ventilation youre hous might not like it.
Comment by : Isak Gjerstad

Obscure Machines
Super chill thanks Bobby!
Comment by : Obscure Machines

PowerTo ThePeaceful
just invested in 10m of Pyrosorb AD3 and have been using it to soundproof the doors of some studios in Manor House. Once i get the db meter out i will post the difference results here. Seems pretty dam good so far. :D
Comment by : PowerTo ThePeaceful

In it For the Memes
"something called a mini split" money well spent for going to that class retards
Comment by : In it For the Memes

Steve Lueb
475 Duct Board will create a Dead Room it will sound proof the room
Comment by : Steve Lueb

This video is a sham. He's promoting products for money. Breathing in insulation is NOT safe. That green glue does NOT work. He's taking real facts and mixing with false claims. And making money off mis-information. Thumbs down.
Comment by : AndurilNarsil1

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