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Coronavirus crisis: Boris Johnson moved to intensive care as symptoms worsen - BBC News

Video info Coronavirus crisis: Boris Johnson moved to intensive care as symptoms worsen - BBC News

Title :  Coronavirus crisis: Boris Johnson moved to intensive care as symptoms worsen - BBC News
Duration :   504
User :  BBC News
Publication Date :   2020-04-06
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Video frames Coronavirus crisis: Boris Johnson moved to intensive care as symptoms worsen - BBC News

Video Description Coronavirus crisis: Boris Johnson moved to intensive care as symptoms worsen - BBC News

The Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been admitted to intensive care at St Thomas' Hospital in London after his coronavirus symptoms deteriorated. Mr Johson was admitted to hospital last night. His office said his condition then worsened and on the advice of his medical team he was moved to the hospital's Intensive Care Unit, reserved for the most seriously ill patients. The Prime Minister tested positive for the disease 10 days ago and has been suffering persistent symptoms including a cough and a high temperature. Huw Edwards presents BBC News at Ten reports from Political Editor Laura Kuenssberg, Political Correspondent Vicki Young and Health Editor Hugh Pym.

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Video Comments Coronavirus crisis: Boris Johnson moved to intensive care as symptoms worsen - BBC News

ahmed siddique
Depiffle advocated shaking hands with Covid patients and surprisingly he contacted Covid. Why should I feel sorry for such a stupid fuck?
Comment by : ahmed siddique

Sandhya Dev
Caricature of Boris Johnson

Comment by : Sandhya Dev

a w
I call bullshit! This whole thing is blown way out of proportion and the death numbers are bullshit and don't add up! Even in America the numbers are made up! Nobody seems to be dying of anything but coronavirus. So he was tested TWICE! on ventilation or not on ventilation..funny how prince Charles had it and was ok in a week. This is JUST to make idiots scared of this crap. More sheep! You are dumb
Comment by : a w

Sami Younis
Ha ha ha
Comment by : Sami Younis

Bob Dunn
Comment by : Bob Dunn

Bob Dunn
Comment by : Bob Dunn

Comment by : Bhavana Patel , ABSOLUTELY TRUE MESSAGE,I AGREED.

Neena Sharma
Wishing him well and for his speedy recovery. 💖
Comment by : Neena Sharma

Great news to hear that Boris is out of ICU.
We need our Leader back, but take it easy.

Comment by : apollonia

Jeena Joseph
The corana virus is dangerous
Comment by : Jeena Joseph

G. S.
FAKE NEWS ???? show us a picture he was in ICU !!!
Comment by : G. S.

ryan cliff
UK: whatever blah blah blah
Coronavirus: check Mate.

Comment by : ryan cliff

ryan cliff
LOL sounds like he's gonna die haha
Comment by : ryan cliff

Fatemeh Nastaran Parsa
I am praying for Boris Johnson.
Comment by : Fatemeh Nastaran Parsa

Tjo_ 2009
I hope he recovers
Comment by : Tjo_ 2009

darrell lee
PM or road sweeper all have to dance with the covid reeper
Comment by : darrell lee

Joe Rodriguez
Give Boris Johnson the PILL!!!!!
Comment by : Joe Rodriguez

Graeme McFee
He looks a picture of health mibbe take a brush to your hair lol & stop going out & buying.bog roll
Comment by : Graeme McFee

James Bradley
Tell lies tell me sweet little lies
Comment by : James Bradley

Umer M.p
Praying to allah for his speedy recovery ... he is a good person than any other politician..
Comment by : Umer M.p

P Suresh
I fall to understand how the hell the high profile PM of a country contracted this deadly virus. This is to be thoroughly investigated.
Comment by : P Suresh

Jimmy Mac
I was about to wish Johnson well but someone pointed this out:-
When Johnson was editor of the Spectator magazine in 2004, he invoked outrage in Scotland, when he authorised the publication of a poem describing Scottish people as "a verminous race" who should be exterminated. Here it is:-

The Scotch - what a verminous race!
Canny, pushy, chippy, they're all over the place,
Battening off us with false bonhomie,
Polluting our stock, undermining our economy.

Down with sandy hair and knobbly knees!
Suppress the tartan dwarves and the Wee Frees!
Ban the kilt, the skean-dhu and the sporran
As provocatively, offensively foreign!

It's time Hadrian's Wall was refortified
To pen them in a ghetto on the other side.
I would go further. The nation
Deserves not merely isolation
But comprehensive extermination.
We must not flinch from a solution

Would he have gotten away with this if the poem was about black or Jewish people? Apparently this kind of behaviour is encouraged in the UK on the condition that hate is directed at Scottish people.

Comment by : Jimmy Mac

Aithepearl Aidthepearl
wishing rapid recovery to the Prime Minister, from France
Comment by : Aithepearl Aidthepearl

Kev the truth
Comment by : Kev

Helene Imoukhuede
Still praying Boris. May Jesus step into this request for you and all Covid-19 victims to heal without any organ failure. Amen.
Comment by : Helene Imoukhuede

It is an orchestrated event, you know something doesnt seam right about all this. Search and you will find #Filmyourhospital
Comment by : JST DRVN

I wonder if his doctor will prescribe him any medication?
Comment by : TruthSeeker

Jesse Veraert
Comment by : Jesse Veraert

trend trend
Never trust evil china
Comment by : trend trend

Glyn Northwood
Sending best wishes, and a speedy recovery, kind sir. Please take care. From Manitoba, Canada.
Comment by : Glyn Northwood

Crispen Mlambo
New World Order process
Comment by : Crispen Mlambo

In the future Mr Johnson don't show media how you look when your not very well . Just switch everything and take resting... you important for your country.

Viele gesundheit
Mr Johnson

Comment by : Kirsch

Sarjit Koar
I am praying for you. Get well soon. Take care. Have a great day.
Comment by : Sarjit Koar

Jesus is Lord
I feel like we live in the Truman show, I pray the TRUTH will set us FREE. Amen.
Comment by : Jesus is Lord

Ivy Kim
I pray for full and fast recovery PM. After you come back, I have a suggestion for measures which I hope you take going forward. So do recover and come back!
Comment by : Ivy Kim

Jhon Nelll
May the Lord give curity to this pandemic.
Comment by : Jhon Nelll

Cave Jug thoughts and prayers are for religious idiots to die in a hurry...
Comment by : Cave Jug

binkie 85
This man has done more for Britain then most prime ministers! i cant even remember the one before him?
Comment by : binkie 85

Jason Parrilla
Boris aka Gary Busey get well!
Comment by : Jason Parrilla

I'm praying that Boris get well.... Please, God Please!
praying from Japan

Comment by : kdo666

Spooky Moo
Not his fault his symptoms became worse ffs
Comment by : Spooky Moo

Love him or hate him, Johnson is quirky, and a decent guy.
I like him and wish him well. 👍👏🏻

Comment by : M C

Kung flu 🤧
Comment by : Lmaonade

Platinum eagle 9878
I hope they find a cure I’m praying
Comment by : Platinum eagle 9878

Mike Dale
Jeremy Corbyn wants to save the NHS and invest more into it - The British public: “JEREMY IZ A TERORIST AND HATEZ BRITAN!”

Boris Johnson part of the party that made huge cuts to the NHS and voted against public sector payrises including the NHS but clapped for the NHS - British Public: “BORIS IZ A HERO HEZ OUR SAVIOR!!”

Comment by : Mike Dale

Sharif Karimi
I’m prying for him
Comment by : Sharif Karimi

Saffan Nagani
Now at least our governments will insure better medical infrastructure rather than bombing other countries and investing in weapons.
Comment by : Saffan Nagani

Jakab Iksz
Well, you don't look good sir. You even feel like that, I suppose.
Comment by : Jakab Iksz

"The fear from the virus is worse then the virus"
Comment by : Devlins10

Kraken Visuals CLICK HERE
Comment by : Kraken Visuals

Comment by : Kraken Visuals

Kraken Visuals
Comment by : Kraken Visuals

Kraken Visuals
Comment by : Kraken Visuals

Please remember champion, that God's name is I Am. (Given to Moses upon asking God what his name was) soooooo... Anything you put next to His name 'I Am' that is not positive is a lie. When you speak I Am healed I Am safe I Am loved I Am at peace, you speak life into you and every hearer that hears it. Jesus said He is the Truth the Life and the Way , He is the Light. which changes the smallest component known to man ...atoms electrons protons neutrons change when you shoot Light into it... Thus, I Am healed I Am safe I am prosperous I Am loved. Champion, I pray you speak these words into you and live. I Am praying for you.
Comment by : GodsTinGle

gabriel l
I do not care about this racist man full of rubbish and selfish attitude. He wanted 70% of British population to get infection in order to " strengthen it" and now here we are! Now he gave us a great example of how it should be ! Instant Karma!
Comment by : gabriel l

Tlot Pwist
Comment by : Tlot Pwist

Kelly M.
I've been so upset because of the way he's handled that crisis, but I hope and pray he gets well very very very soon! Damn that virus! Prayers up for you Mr. Johnson.
Comment by : Kelly M.

Wishing you a speedy recovery, Boris. You're in safe hands. You'll be fine 😘🤗
Comment by : S M

Joseph Stalin
Good thing I’m not in that lifetime 😂
Comment by : Joseph Stalin

Bhi Mad
Can now amazon workers in UK can have unlimited unpaid off if they wish too. And work volunteerily if they choose to.
Or should we wait few more weeks?

Comment by : Bhi Mad

Peter Cottam
Why do people believe everything that the media says ???
Just because they tell you something on the news it doesn't make it a fact.
We are supposedly at war and the BBC is nothing but a propaganda tool for the elites.

Comment by : Peter Cottam

B. K.
Coronavirus doesn’t care who you are! Hugs to UK from USA!
Comment by : B. K.

Karan Yogi
I will say China is trying to assassinate him.
Comment by : Karan Yogi

Big Nonce
What's going on with his right eye is the real question
Comment by : Big Nonce

Frederick Ng
This is a warning and will from heaven to punish a bandit Prime Minister Boris Johnson when he declared
a 60% of UK population to have immersed and self-contacted COVID-19 disease
order, the heaven let this ugly and rowdy politician suffer the sickness pains
so that to wake him up to how painful those poor commoners with no money to
seek for medical treatment if they have unfortunately contacted of COVID-19
disease. Let celebrating him for next two more weeks of suffering, until he finally
admits his grave mistakes, to help all citizens with equal treatment so do the achievement
of The People Republic of China regardless of race, religions, rich or poor, the
lock-down entire country, sorting up those with COVID-19 illness and
aggressively performing a treatment. This incident also is a mirror for the United
States of America, admit the mistakes and apology to The People Republic of
China for all those earlier liars and bandit behaviours. Be the witness, there’s
no god, no Jesus, it’s just a Heaven [Universe] and Earth, otherwise, Jesus
will be the greatest sinner, sitting idling and watching interestingly the poor
suffering from COVID-19 disease like the television dramas to spare his time.

Comment by : Frederick Ng

Ben Gage
Boris please beat this
Comment by : Ben Gage

Silvers Rayleigh
You damn Englishmen... SOOO Dramatic all the time ~~~
Comment by : Silvers Rayleigh

jav rod
London Real

Check it out!


Comment by : jav rod

Mr. X
Total Conman brainwashing people again!
Comment by : Mr. X

Anton Novikov
Just a few days ago lots of stupid commentators expressed their melicious wishes and hopes about possible infection of Mr. Putin here at bbc. And what a fait! The same shit comes to your face.
Comment by : Anton Novikov

Don Jon
Watch " dancing coffins memes compilation kimchestudio promise you will laugh and will take your anxiety away from this coronavirus 😊 cheered me up
Comment by : Don Jon

Abdul Majeed
Return to full health soon Mr Johnson may good health envelop you so looking forward to see you claping again soon All the best of the luck to you and every one in the whole world
Comment by : Abdul Majeed

Comment by : B C

NicePeople Dir
Watch this it's for you.

In this Video 60 New York coronavirus 60 years pakistani born patient Recovered is sharing his success story of recover from fatal Covid-19. He stated that he used۔
1. Hot water with Ginger mixed
2. Used panadol or telenol for fever
3. Cough syrup for coughing
4. Rested at home.

He successfully recovered.

Get bebefited. Thanks for watching

Comment by : NicePeople Dir

Get Well soon Mr. Prime Minister...........Best Wishes from Malaysia
Comment by : e-kop

Nick Bauer
Sadly, Boris also didn't have the healthiest of lifestyles. He ate too much, drank too much, had too many women, didn't exercise much. When you live like that for a long time, it seriously weakens your immune system and makes you vulnerable to disease. If he pulls through, hopefully he will resolve to live a much healthier lifestyle in the future.
Comment by : Nick Bauer

Anwar Hossain
We pray for the prime minister of British to recover soon .
Comment by : Anwar Hossain

Nick Bauer
I wonder what his prognosis is right now? Last I heard he had turned over his functions to Dominic, ostensibly temporarily.
Comment by : Nick Bauer

He did this to himself
Comment by : Nathaniel12345678910

Johnson Adesanya
Jesus the Healer will heal our Prime Minister in Jesus Mighty Name. We wish you speedy recovery in Jesus Mighty Name.
Comment by : Johnson Adesanya

carol King
Get better fast Boris. If anyone can it’s you.❤️
Comment by : carol King

Max Delpo
Good luck Minister!
Comment by : Max Delpo

Feranmi Adesanya
Jesus the Healer will heal our Prime Minister in Jesus Mighty Name. We wish you speedy recovery in Jesus Mighty Name. I pray also that all the other victims infected with coronavirus will also be healed. May God put His protection around all the health workers risking their lives to help the infected victims, none of them will be infected and they will be immune to the virus in Jesus Mighty name.
Comment by : Feranmi Adesanya

Bryan Murphy
Dint like to see anyone get that horrible virus, but at least him getting it will probably save many lives. I can't get my head around how the leader of a country could be so stupid and irresponsible that he would go on TV and tell the public he intends to keep shaking everyone's hand and boasting about how he shook hands with people who have the virus. Hopefully him getting it will undo some of the damage he did with that idiotic statement
Comment by : Bryan Murphy

Eunice Leung
Isn't he a true hero for living up to his words of herd immunity. Much respect for being a man of his word and politics
Comment by : Eunice Leung

Ed Lake
Pull thru Boris, we need more wiffwaff speeches
Comment by : Ed Lake

Manseer Khan
Who is next prime minister-hh
Comment by : Manseer Khan

I may not agree with some of his views but I liked him; his somewhat messy hair, his costume a bit askew, his somewhat chaotic way of doing while in fact he has a very sharp mind and he is funny at times. I really hope he gets better soon.
Comment by : Palaven

Mr Magoo
I never really 'liked' any other politician until Boris came along.. I was buzzing when he got to be PM! GET BETTER AND COME BACK QUICK SHARPISH BO'JO!
Comment by : Mr Magoo

Can we all please be considerate towards Boris, not from a political angle but a personal one? Just think about the impact of coronavirus not on him, but his family too (unarguably, they must be very upset and worried for him) , and the country as a whole. Nobody deserves to go through this. Let's all wish him a speedy recovery and save political thoughts for later.
Comment by : strawberrykisses

"Power no protection from harm", well not when you shake hands with everyone and especially sick people...
Comment by : MrRaphisan

Wishing the Prime Minister of Britain a speedy recovery from Bangladesh.
Comment by : NUSRAT HUQ

Sagittarius A*
He didn't make the criteria for ICU, it's just precautionary. He will be fine. PR stunt
Comment by : Sagittarius A*

Bong Eego
You poeple are tards its unreal. Ohh btw Putin is at grid 99078/244657 the Kremlin
Comment by : Bong Eego

Bong Eego
Ok lets publish the location of the british prime minister to the world and theres a live feed. Lol 3KK/4KK personal defense P/A
Comment by : Bong Eego

Two patients of serious cases in South Korea have recovered from the coronavirus after receiving blood plasma treatment, today. This is very important news and check this. Pray for him from Korea.
Comment by : ailover22

Edgar Lindo
His fat
Comment by : Edgar Lindo

Carole Baskin
This guy needs a hair brush
Comment by : Carole Baskin

Suresh Babuji. R
Hope nature will heal all with discretion
Comment by : Suresh Babuji. R

Maybe they are going to kill off Boris like they probably killed off Kary Mullis who exposed the multibillion dollar fraud over HIV that is still raking in the cash for drug companies. Kary Mullis invented the underpinning science behind what is being called "The Mickey Mouse Test" being used to identify the infection rate of Covid-19. Wonder if he would agree how it is being used now? Facebook are threatening to disable any account questioning the tests. Call that "freedom of speech"?
Comment by : Jesusandbible

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