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Coronavirus in Lagos: Enforcing lockdown in Africa's biggest city - BBC News

Video info Coronavirus in Lagos: Enforcing lockdown in Africa's biggest city - BBC News

Title :  Coronavirus in Lagos: Enforcing lockdown in Africa's biggest city - BBC News
Duration :   137
User :  BBC News
Publication Date :   2020-04-06
Views :   118,585
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Not liked :   85

Video frames Coronavirus in Lagos: Enforcing lockdown in Africa's biggest city - BBC News

Video Description Coronavirus in Lagos: Enforcing lockdown in Africa's biggest city - BBC News

Africa’s most populated city has gone into lockdown. Lagos in Nigeria is the latest place to tell all its citizens to stay at home for two weeks as officials try to stop the spread of coronavirus. Our correspondent there is Chi Chi Izundu

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Video Comments Coronavirus in Lagos: Enforcing lockdown in Africa's biggest city - BBC News

David Joshua Makaya
Stay at home and save alive in the house healthcare system.
Comment by : David Joshua Makaya

Mountainous Port
Good job Nigeria.
Comment by : Mountainous Port

Eyelet TV
Wow see this
Comment by : Eyelet TV

mike ben
BBC fake news liar. How can you said every people live in a poor place in nigeria? What about in europe is it many people lives in beautiful place?
Comment by : mike ben

Шульженко Андрей
Пошли нах . Это просто для грипп.
Нас хотят сделать сдлать раб !

Comment by : Шульженко Андрей

Stop making babies people
Comment by : L C

Lina Brooks
A country with 195M population, Nigeria does lockdown after 10 deaths of COVID-19 .... there will be far more deaths from the lockdown than from the corona flu itself... #hysteriaIsReal
Comment by : Lina Brooks

Red rose kaoto
"Unlike the rest of the world Nigeria has had time to prepare " really now? So all countries didn't hear about this virus when it was reported in China?
Comment by : Red rose kaoto

Tanming leather motorcycle jacket with hood. $60 on amazon. Rain protection for africans.
Comment by : spirit

Black Aliens
6 million kids died in the African region in 2013 let that sink in .
Comment by : Black Aliens

John Zylali
Just imagine how bad would be if corona virus cases were rising faster in africa guys? Can you imagine what would happen? Thank god corona virus can't spread fast in hot climates
Comment by : John Zylali

Its going to be longer than 2 weeks Nigeria.🙏🏽🙏🏽
Comment by : onestunningdude

Michael Fatoke
Nigeria is the best
Comment by : Michael Fatoke

Africa’s biggest city?
Comment by : AFRIKANISM

Joan Manuel Del Valle
All africans need to share this video please
Comment by : Joan Manuel Del Valle

A.K.Edting Store
Click here
Comment by : A.K.Edting Store

Forrest Gump
The psychological profile of victimisation includes a pervasive sense of helplessness, passivity, loss of control, pessimism, negative thinking, strong feelings of guilt, shame, self-blame and depress
Comment by : Forrest Gump

John Kelfy
Ugly mutt wonder who ra’ped who that this mutt is alive

Comment by : John Kelfy

why do they have too few corona
Comment by : Scopolamin

Biggie 2pac
Everyone is in doors in Lagos , covid 19 isn't the big problem there, it's the scam emails everyone from Lagos going to send everyone claiming someone has died and you are the beneficiary and want to transfer 18 million dollars to you, they probably already thinking off these scams as you read this comment
Comment by : Biggie 2pac

Y do they allways only show the poor parts of Africa but they show the trailors and rural sides of other countries africa is nice af but 4 some reason they dont show that
Comment by : yungJohnson

William Wooten
Dear Lagos Residents, you're a resilient people
Comment by : William Wooten

Nigeria should re-name to "Antialbinia". This could work to idioti whiti mutantii.
Comment by : Bertrand_Sushibar_Russell

Kev the truth
Comment by : Kev

Anthony Shostack
Google( Event 201) it all lies!
Comment by : Anthony Shostack

Beau Berry
Notice the eco-fascists aren't here.
Comment by : Beau Berry

Ikan Nigs
Why at 0.06min is a fake bus ?
Comment by : Ikan Nigs

Andrew Bellew
China proper fucked up the planet, lets hope we all make the suckers pay, CASH.
Comment by : Andrew Bellew

Ayaan Osman
Well done may Allah bless and protect all African brothers and sisters love from somalia
Comment by : Ayaan Osman

Matt Clarkson
Very interesting video! Check out my London lockdown video showing how the city looks here
Comment by : Matt Clarkson

Impala Birungi
Never in my life will go to Nigeria. As rich as this country claims to be, but 20 million live in poverty. What a shame on Nigeria. It is a curse on Africa. Shame upon you people of Nigeria.
Comment by : Impala Birungi

mango baby
Comment by : mango baby

Sun Yellow
Praying for them, as I am the entire world
Comment by : Sun Yellow

Culture Puncture
Is Lagos really Africa's biggest city BBC?
Comment by : Culture Puncture

shiva Pandey
that bottle though... @2:00
Comment by : shiva Pandey

The top countries are doing bad. I can only imagine poor countries. Maybe they will have success in not spreading the virus. Nigeria lock down will be longer than 2 weeks. I live in America. We are in lock down until April 30. It’s be 2 weeks so far ( bec lock down was 2 weeks ago ) . People live closer to each other in Nigeria. It will spread like wildfire. Maybe Worst than America.
Comment by : NycBeauty

Aaron Celathian
Lagos; my prayers are with you.
Comment by : Aaron Celathian

Be safe Africa. It's gong to be a big one!
Comment by : T G

Thats some high quality roadblock barriers right there
Comment by : DrGreenThumbNZL

Freddie Shreddie TV
The words at the end wow... bless one and all.
Comment by : Freddie Shreddie TV

Samaila James
Why do BBC always like to represent makoko as the whole Lagos to the world?

How about lekki, Victoria island, Ikeja , ikoyi , banana island and other places?

Na God go punish Una I swear..

That's why Una day die like fowl

Comment by : Samaila James

Terry Berdet
Just imagine how staying indoors will result in yet another explosion of babies born in these territories.
Comment by : Terry Berdet

Med Capsule
My best friend is Nigerian and I don't want her to be sad.
Comment by : Med Capsule

Patrick Lio
CCP-Virus china lying & killing the world.
and now acting like ccp is here to save the world. leaders like trump & sly cronies are same.
so sorry Nigeria. please help each other and stay safe... from america

Comment by : Patrick Lio

200 subs with no video challenge
I feel for them :(
Comment by : 200 subs with no video challenge

Africa , now is the time to cut yourselves off western currency and politics, build your own economy now- now now now now!! The world economy will never be the same again
Comment by : susuilu

BBC News in Nigeria 🔥 lol
Comment by : thangstheking

Upasuhut Jurnal
At least they are honest not ready cause not enough facilities. Many other countries are so arrogant.
Comment by : Upasuhut Jurnal

Hannahchawang jeliang
Jesus Christ 🙏 save AMEN 😢
Comment by : Hannahchawang jeliang

James Paschall
Comment by : James Paschall

Syed Talha 😷😷🤒
Comment by : Syed Talha

I am feeling Sad 😔 for the world 🌎 hope from GOD everything will be good soon.
Comment by : FatehiyaMohammed

Making space for the Chinese
Comment by : thisisbob1001

Corona Tsunami will hit Africa lack of water - unsanitary - famin 🙏🙏🙏
Comment by : Taurean

Samuel Davidson
Dyed blonde hair on an African? Is the BBC promoting cultural misappropriation too now? Or is it only racist when Europeans copy other cultures, according to BBC left wing ideologies?
Comment by : Samuel Davidson

Comment by : IM WATCHING U

Spencer Hulme
Comment by : Spencer Hulme

Alex Plante
One thing they can do is start making and wearing masks.
Comment by : Alex Plante

Charlie R
Strange thing is it looks cleaner and better than most parts of Britain
Comment by : Charlie R

abc xyz
This virus was a diabolical but brilliant idea to imprison people of the world behind invisible bars. No fighting, no guns needed, just complete control of the masses and yet I've not seen any proof. All I've seen is propaganda in the news some of which is being debunked as fake.
Comment by : abc xyz

show me da wey
Comment by : Abduxp

George Orwell
Funny...looks like London.
Comment by : George Orwell

whole thing is a planned demic attack on the freedom of the people by the scum that control the world - politicians need to stand up and fight the tyranny and not be complicit in this outrage
Comment by : FE PORT

hater gater
The British government will make sure to jam the borders wide open after this mess, to make up for time lost. Got to keep that black skin pouring in
Comment by : hater gater

uchechi mathew
I can see my street.
Comment by : uchechi mathew

Ian Robert
Tom hanks arrested. Ellen DeGeneres under house arrest

Comment by : Ian Robert

Paul Verlaine
Does this include terrorists
Comment by : Paul Verlaine

ИГОРЬ igor Vyacheslav the russian multilingual
If a European country face difficulties even prepared imagine slum Nigeria. i mean the country as a whole is a slum and people dring river water gthis would mean the end of the country.
Comment by : ИГОРЬ igor Vyacheslav the russian multilingual

Izham Shaari
Less scam at the moment
Comment by : Izham Shaari

High schools in Tochigi Prefecture, Japan, are reopening schools despite reports of cases of the new coronavirus. Also. There are only 700 tests and the number of infected people is suspicious. Help us protect our children.

Comment by : ベンジャミ。

The concerns for me is the food supply to this mega city. Is there any system like Venezuela food distribution programs by grassroots organisations? Called LSPC - Local Supply and Production Councils.
Comment by : Casabeconcarne

Linda Hopson
At least they used the time lag to prepare... unlike the US who fiddled the time away doing nothing until NYC was in deep.
Comment by : Linda Hopson

Peabody Sherman
You can pray until you turn blue but it will do you no good at all f**k I hate religion what a farce
Comment by : Peabody Sherman

Adam Sargeson
With all that oil Nigeria should be sorted
Comment by : Adam Sargeson

we wuz kanggzzzzz
Comment by : MaybDefinitely

Zane N
There’s a brand new Royal running around
He’s not very big but he wears the Crown
As well as any Villain from History
He infects his subjects with COVID-19

The New Corona King will change things up
From the way we all work to the way we all sup
Isolation, cancellation and Quarantine
Decontamination, Social Distancing
The new-norm now thanks to COVID-19
Four out of five good doctors may say
The mostly-mild sickness will go away
When one in five needs urgent care
Most of us will start to wonder where
We’ll find the extra money to make up
For closing all of our workplaces up
Will we partake of our last offered cup?
When we all have COVID-19.

Comment by : Zane N

Anton Malhin
How can you shit where you live? Look at the water, trash is everywhere...
Comment by : Anton Malhin

Robert Collins
You should start cleaning the whole place,
Comment by : Robert Collins

Justin Thyme
yeh, let's put the whole planet into isolation for long exactly? ? ? Nobody has a fkn end game to this shit show. China's places are in isolation now almost 3 months. This issues that the people in this video are facing are the same issues people in UK are facing - half the population in the UK has no money to sit around in their flat for 3 months without pay...and the government is just lying instead of genuinly trying to help. All they are doing is trying to look good for the investors and the markets. Home at the ground the situation is completely different story - people are not getting any real help! Self-siolate 'my-ass'!
Comment by : Justin Thyme

I've told all my family in Nigeria to start stockpiling on rice, gari and other non perishables that they like NOW because if there are food shortages there will be no way to get food.

Noble BernisEarl McGill El Bey
Comment by : Noble BernisEarl McGill El Bey

Bang Bang
People live in slums where colonial companies and corporations corrupt leaders to avoid paying taxes and royalties. SHELL is being sued for more than $20 billion but now the Wuhan virus is going to wipeout the poor.
Comment by : Bang Bang

Lagos is the Scamming Capital of Africa with Fake Dating Sites and Fake everything
Comment by : weaverspell

Betty Thomas
Well done Nigeria 👍👍💕 Stay safe everyone, praying for you.

Don't forget forget to wear those mask

Comment by : Betty Thomas

Al Bundy for President
Idris Elbow looks better
Comment by : Al Bundy for President

Good luck Nigeria, from the UK. Don't make the same mistakes as us. :)
Comment by : Stingy

Solo Slice
Comment by : Solo Slice

I though Lagos was in Spain have they moved it? Lol
Comment by : HEADS TAILS

Ryan Howell
It's like a World War 3, no offense
Comment by : Ryan Howell

C.V. Rajendra
Not different from Mumbai
Comment by : C.V. Rajendra

C.V. Rajendra
Nigerian police have strong immunity
Comment by : C.V. Rajendra

Lisa Black
Did I miss something because they did not report any deaths from the Virus?
Comment by : Lisa Black

Paul Clothier
The BBC talks absolute shit. Your best strategy is to realise that the precise opposite of what the BBC says is the truth.
Comment by : Paul Clothier

First Wave: East Asia
Second Wave: Europe and North America
Third Wave: South Asia, Middle East, Africa, South America
I sincerely don't worry too much about the first wave and the second wave. Though behave clumsy at the beginning, these nations could address the virus efficiently and finally defeat it. But the majority of the countries which will suffer in the third wave is either poor or lack of good governance. The causality could be horrible and the disease could live along with humans forever.

Comment by : XT H

Vik Z
Nigeria: 204m people. Lagos: 16m. Covid19 tests: 4000.

Some big problems ahead IMO.

Comment by : Vik Z

Sheeple are Lame
Comment by : Sheeple are Lame

April Divine
Don't fall for the lies, Africa.. it's a HOAX, by the New World Order.. wanting to bring down the world's economy and usher in a one world digital monetary system
Remember the elites ruling over ALL national leaders & governments want to kill off billions of people, they are insane and are taking over the whole world, through DRCEPTION. There is a Devil, but it's filthy rich humans and their SECRET societies.. do NOT take the vaccines, or you will die !!!

Comment by : April Divine

monsieur mongolfier
Good job I left here and married a blonde girl in the UK. Thank you for paying for me UK. God bless
Comment by : monsieur mongolfier

This stuff is going to run rampant in third world countries.
Comment by : Janusha

William Linley
Nigeria is a terrible place
Comment by : William Linley

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