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How to care for someone with Covid-19 at home - BBC News

Video info How to care for someone with Covid-19 at home - BBC News

Title :  How to care for someone with Covid-19 at home - BBC News
Duration :   105
User :  BBC News
Publication Date :   2020-04-06
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Video frames How to care for someone with Covid-19 at home - BBC News

Video Description How to care for someone with Covid-19 at home - BBC News

Patients with mild coronavirus symptoms - such as a new continuous cough or a high temperature above 37.8C - should self-isolate at home for at least seven days, according to the latest advice issued by Public Health England.

If symptoms worsen or don't go away after a week, then people should contact their local health service - in the UK, that's the NHS 111 coronavirus service.

So how should you look after someone in your home who gets coronavirus?

The BBC's Laura Foster explains measures you should take when caring for someone who has it.

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Video Comments How to care for someone with Covid-19 at home - BBC News

Chris Hudson
cocaine cures coronavirus
Comment by : Chris Hudson

HitmanKing Jay
If we can't find way to stop it then one way to take is to round up everyone with covid19 just put end to it but killing them all and that's how you save the world
Comment by : HitmanKing Jay

i am surprised by UK often saying an infected person should quarentiene for 7 days .... Yet they also say isolate for 14 days if possibly exposed. I see many studies saying people can be ill for up to six weeks, so .... how are you guys helping if your system has a few holes in it???????????
Comment by : W D

Maria Maria
is this the same treatment this famous doctor is talking about?
Comment by : Maria Maria

WalkingWithJesus -walkingwithjc1
Comment by : WalkingWithJesus -walkingwithjc1

Besik Guntsadze
Cov id2020-bill gates ' vaccine.
Comment by : Besik Guntsadze

Sweet Awe
Crucify them and tell the police it was the communist virus. They'll never bother to investigate.
Comment by : Sweet Awe

This is like a global game of big brother.

There is only one existing vaccine against the new corona, in Japan, BCG vaccination has been compulsory for 69 years, children are free, adults are $ 25 to $ 30, disadvantages are upper arms, one year Degree, red marks remain, and look bad. Flu vaccination is $ 25. The BCG vaccination rate is 99.9%. The United States, Italy and Spence have not been vaccinated. We have not been able to compete with the new corona
Comment by : fwiimasa

omg if u r living with someone with covid19, u r sick already too and may not even

know it

Comment by : Oleksandr

Tele Opinions
The washing hand example is utterly wrong. This is such a terrible piece of information. Do it right or don't do it at all. Take it down and start from zero. Please.
Comment by : Tele Opinions

Oh Chinese. You ate something and world is washing their hands now
Comment by : നിസാർ

Unni Dali
NO PARASETAMOL!!! The temperature is crusial!!! The vira is temperature vonereble.... if the fever rise to 39+ celsius contact doctor for advise!
Comment by : Unni Dali

Shirell Elam
Government killing off population especially during election time. This shit has gotten out of hand. This has gone on for years where the government has controlled the population. They really didn’t mean to go this far or mean to kill this many people. Guess what God has the last say so. This shit backfired on them but it’s killing us. They even control the weather. God said MAN is gonna create something that destroys the world. Read your bible we living in revaluation.
Comment by : Shirell Elam

Flex M
Isolating yourself for how many days is the hardest thing to do.
Comment by : Flex M

Aaru's wonderland
A 3 year old helping you how you could spend your lockdown period positively

Comment by : Aaru's wonderland

Just go out, do what you love, and No Fear!!!
Comment by : J B

Here is a graph of mortality by country and global growth rate:
Comment by : TB1M1

Ichigo Kurosaki
No people no problem
Comment by : Ichigo Kurosaki

Mr A.
The government still wants “herd immunity” covertly. Hence the statement you can go outside if you are (self isolating). This in combination of low testing and the bbc giving wrong advice again (don’t wear masks). Are causing many people to die unnecessarily.
Comment by : Mr A.

Thomas Livingstone
Scurvy brats!
Comment by : Thomas Livingstone

Sheeple are Lame
Oh so now media "pretend" to care about the health of people <<< FREE ASSANGE
Comment by : Sheeple are Lame

Bill Platers

Comment by : Bill Platers

Patrick B
This is pointless, you need to get the infection anyway to build an immunity to it. Just provide them with food, water and let them get plenty of rest. Don't bother with scheduling the bathroom etc, you're going to get infected so just let it happen. Just isolate the household so that only the household will get sick.
Comment by : Patrick B

Badger Pa
Nice to see something from a news site that is not all hyper sensationalized. Thank you.
Comment by : Badger Pa

I don’t get why say isolate your self but after you tell yeah you can go outside to exercise this is why people keep spreading it. It is not ok to go outside specially if you have some one with corona in your house that you are personally taking care of
Comment by : 415goat

Ben Buckley
Go out the virus is fake its managed spread quicker with it going viral an media an gov being typical lying scum they are .

Docs an nurses over worked yet got time upload videos and get interveiwed by the propergander so not to over ran then

Comment by : Ben Buckley

Why is this like a prodigy video ?
Comment by : gyogyo49

Mike Bossy
Comment by : Mike Bossy

How to steal a human life.Use frequency devices for years as part of a harassment campaign to wreck your brothers life.With help from criminals in the television industry use ELO mr blue sky " tweety bird" chirps for years.With psychologists and psychiatrists use frequency devices to play frequencies to damage the human brain the left side.The frequencies used for years by these criminals to inflict manufactured artificial schizophrenia not the disease.
Now these criminals know this and there psychologists and psychiatrists are involved with authority figures using this to torture the British man.They prescribed from 2008 to the present over 7 k schizophrenia medication antipsychotic drugs.This crime a human rights crime is real.If not for this organised psychiatrists and psychologists torture the man could of had a wife and children but they and the worse evil family from hell who collaborate with this human rights crime give him schizophrenia.
They even think it funny to try and push the victim to violence.Not a ten minute television joke but over 15 years this human rights crime of torture,cruelty coercive control and human exploitation.Worse the US has criminals involved in this human rights crime.The frequencies are hidden like a piggy back played over YouTube or podcasts even telephones.Full of hidden schizophrenia messages.Years and years of it and the victim can not get help.
They hide keep this secret and think it funny to steal a human life .They think sitting passively as the victim does waiting for this to end the victim must be ok.He is far from ok.These criminals doing this to the man and its worse details must be heard in a court room in front of a judge.Whatbever uniform you wear however related to the victim or how ever you are in television you must answer in court for this.Your neither a friend or Brother to the man your his tortures abusers who chose to destroy to wreck a human being.

Comment by : KEVIN HESKETH

Md. Nurul Huda
Informative video
Comment by : Md. Nurul Huda

Syed Rahman
When will this Coronavirus and the lock down will end guys honest opinion please thanks
Comment by : Syed Rahman

California Dreamin'
The government need to mass produce the SAMBA 11 test machine NOW. They give a result in 90 minutes.
Comment by : California Dreamin'

Kevin Jones
If this was man made and you found out who made it and where they made it would you be allowed to destroy the lab it was grown in ?
Comment by : Kevin Jones

Jimnesstar Lyngdoh Nonglait
Comment by : Jimnesstar Lyngdoh Nonglait

Art Deco
This video should have been uploaded 2 months ago
Comment by : Art Deco

Put them in the garden shed.
Comment by : AWResistance

————《 How to infect your family with Covid-19 at home 》————
Comment by : 林中竹子

TIP: If you have space outside your home, set up a camping tent and use that as a patient isolation unit.
TIP: Expose the patient to the morning sun to boost the patient body's Vitamin D production and suppress virus replication.

Comment by : Pixelsplasher

It’s the same as flu or people that are unwell anyway
Comment by : chocoholly

Me and my bois
Step 1
Throw them out

Comment by : Me and my bois

Paul Verlaine
There is an option private expensive medical care
Comment by : Paul Verlaine

Espoir t
They need to go to hospital receive treatment not staying at home!!!
Comment by : Espoir t

This is one useful stuff on killer China Disease.
Comment by : R C

In Tochigi Prefectural high school, despite the reported cases of the new coronavirus, we are trying to restart the school. Also. There are only 700 tests and the number of infected people is suspicious. Help us protect our children.

Comment by : ベンジャミ。

Samina Imran
Thankyou for the guidance.
I’m sure it will help my 11 year old daughter, who is known as a “young Carer” for the caring responsibilities she is burdened with - caring for both me (Epilepsy & spinal fracture) and her 7 year old brother, who’s partially sighted. In the meantime my Autism support team continue to battle with Adult Social Care on my behalf, in the hope of a full assessment of care needs. “Why can’t the family help”, they ask. Hmmm let me think... they’re in self isolation?? Or maybe, after 3 years of helping (since my husband died), they’re just tired!!

Comment by : Samina Imran

Comment by : IM WATCHING U

Comment by : IM WATCHING U

Karl R
Cheapest Hand Sanitizer On Ebay Don't Wait LIMITED STOCK LEFT
Comment by : Karl R

Principled Uncertainty
Masks. Masks. Masks.
Comment by : Principled Uncertainty

CharlieNWO Masonstein
Drink plenty of tap water and let's hope for a vaccine. The best I can hope for is 5g for fast internet.
Comment by : CharlieNWO Masonstein

Max Power
The sick must be put down and the body's burned if they can't be quarintined or the virus will spread that's the cold hard truth it's that or the end
Comment by : Max Power

Want to see whats actually happening? Youtube Search ​Filmyourhosptial
Comment by : EvanSavesTheWorld

Alan Oh
Meanwhile while in Britain..
Lock down! What lock down! Corona you want a peace of me, lets have it ahhhhhhhhhhhhh 😉

Comment by : Alan Oh

Colourful Scientist
Just a small question:
How come we are told to avoid visiting elderly family to care for them, yet it is supposedly OK for complete strangers ( care workers ) who see countless people in a week to do the same?
Who is posing the biggest threat to them?

Comment by : Colourful Scientist

Jamie C
Quarantine, no human rights,
No quarantine, no human left.
Quarantine, i see you.
No quarantine, ICU

Comment by : Jamie C

😡 Worse Acting Ever! 😡
Comment by : J K

Carlos Martinez
Perspective, to date:
-- US cancer deaths in 2019, 606k
-- US car accident deaths in 2019, 39k
-- US flu deaths 2018-2019 season, 34k
-- US deaths in 2009 due to H1N1, 12k
-- Corona in US, 9k

Comment by : Carlos Martinez

M Skallywagg
I've just gone through this
Comment by : M Skallywagg

Robbie Craughwell
And Five! Throw them off the balcony if dead! Be aware of law breakers that may be walking, jogging, or scavenging bellow.
Doing this protects common areas in your apartment.

Comment by : Robbie Craughwell

S5 Od
Let them go heaven..
Comment by : S5 Od

Adam O
Smother them with a pillow
Comment by : Adam O

carona various
Comment by : carona various

Gloria Z
Stop blaming China if you don't want to be distracted by the government or you will forever be fooled by them. This is the time people need to be aware of the severity of this money-oriented, power-oriented system.
Comment by : Gloria Z

des li
What I learnt from my Chinese friend in Wuhan.
1 Now it's not just for doctors to fight off this alone. Otherwise, we would all be finished! From now on, everyone must be a fighter. Stay at home, and you will be a fighter too.
2 Everybody can become bad-tempered under pressure—even experts. We are so confident in our abilities that we quarrel very often. Yet every one of us takes responsibility for our patients fully. Perhaps, doctors by reputation are gentle and polite.
3 You know what?When people communicate less, your start thinking more deeply. For college students, two more weeks is an opportunity to exercise your minds actually.
4 Currently, we do not have our usual freedoms, so please take this situation seriously. The best medicine is your own immunity.
5 Business owners do not have to give us any money or donations. Just allow your employees to work from home during the self-isolation period. And pay them their salary. This will also be beneficial to the country.
6 In the past we have protected ourselves against fire, thieves or your ex. Now, when you go back to work, remember to protect yourself against fire, thieves...and your colleagues!

Comment by : des li

🇯🇵Let's do our best from Japanese youtuber🇯🇵
I'm trying not to eat raw fish🐟

Comment by : 旅幸100HAPPINESS

Slick Ratchet
Caffine coffee enema every hour
Comment by : Slick Ratchet

step 0:send them to hospital and isolate two weeks
Comment by : 9神赠礼

Another generic username
Step 1. Isolate their mind by forcing them to watch BBC 24hrs a day.
Step 2. Never ever imply the CCP are culpable
Step 3. Give up all your rights.

Comment by : Another generic username

Bring back Herd Immunity and end the Lockdown the Economy first or face 10 more years of total Austerity
Comment by : weaverspell

Hridoye Bangladesh, from Bangladesh
One of the most basic needs of human beings is the lack of medical care needed today. No hospital required, no mask, no testing kit, no ventilator device, no doctor. Today, even the developed countries are very confused with the medical system.
Comment by : Hridoye Bangladesh, from Bangladesh

Never forget...this is ALL because of China. The reason you are all experiencing this is due to China abusing people, animals and the world itself.
Comment by : DauntingGecko

Florence Upton
Yeah I've had normal but quite bad influenza too.... which apparently is the exact same symptoms people are trying to make out is COVID-19.
Comment by : Florence Upton

Nice video.Good contain..
Comment by : WaveBig

Choose Cheese
Too much work, I'd evict them at once.
Comment by : Choose Cheese

Kenneth Ng
Drink water? Wait, water is wet, isn't it?
Comment by : Kenneth Ng

Del Boy
One of our lads in the Firm is showing signs of Covid 19 I think hes gonna have to go..🔪
Comment by : Del Boy

Shoeless Joe
It's great to actually see these important public service announcements still make an appearance on the BBC. Usually it's just propaganda, Conservative bias and 'the Nigel Farage Show' repeatedly rammed down our throats (On BBCQT 30+ times!)
Comment by : Shoeless Joe

Agro Media
Thanks BBC ! best idea is isolated game invention.
Comment by : Agro Media

For the love of god, don’t go out and exercise if you have someone in your household who is ill...
Comment by : FKrueger2000

I've been treated like this for all my life, and I don't even have Covid-19!
Comment by : Yorkarenka

Kartikay Bhardwaj
Step 1: Call your loved ones as if its the last time
Comment by : Kartikay Bhardwaj

Kartikay Bhardwaj
Step 1: call it China virus
Comment by : Kartikay Bhardwaj

Daniel Evans
How am I supposed to get a Medical mask!! 🙃
Comment by : Daniel Evans

John Alejandro
"How about we hug a China man?" -Liberal Italians
Comment by : John Alejandro

Step 1: Don't bring them into your home
Comment by : Surite

Good old corona
Comment by : uuy338

Sir Jimmy Savile
More likely they'll need to be hospitalised!
Comment by : Sir Jimmy Savile

Ollie Douglas
First disliked
Comment by : Ollie Douglas

Camelpiss drinker Nabi Muhammad
Ccp and WHO must be accountable. Xi xingping should be brought to international court of justice
Comment by : Camelpiss drinker Nabi Muhammad

Garfield Show
Trump Donald for medical bone spurs
In 1965 Vietnam seemed like just another foreign war, but it wasn't
It was different in many ways, as so were those that did the fighting
In World War II the average age of the combat soldier was 26
In Vietnam he was nineteen
In inininininin Covid 19 Vietnam he was nineteen

In inininininin Vietnam, he was nineteen
In Vietnam, he was nineteen
Covid 19 N-n-n-n-nineteen

The heaviest fighting of the past two weeks
Continued today twenty-five miles northwest of Saigon

I really wasn't sure what was going on Donald Trump bone spurs

Covid 19 N-n-n-n-nineteen, nineteen
Covid 19 N-nineteen, nineteen

Comment by : Garfield Show

مجهول الهوية اني اتي
مافهمت شي؟؟؟؟
Comment by : مجهول الهوية اني اتي

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