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Coronavirus: Boris Johnson in 'good spirits' in hospital - BBC News

Video info Coronavirus: Boris Johnson in 'good spirits' in hospital - BBC News

Title :  Coronavirus: Boris Johnson in 'good spirits' in hospital - BBC News
Duration :   360
User :  BBC News
Publication Date :   2020-04-06
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Video frames Coronavirus: Boris Johnson in 'good spirits' in hospital - BBC News

Video Description Coronavirus: Boris Johnson in 'good spirits' in hospital - BBC News

Boris Johnson says he is in "good spirits" after spending the night in hospital with coronavirus.

The PM was taken to St Thomas' Hospital in London on Sunday evening with "persistent symptoms" - including a temperature and a cough - for routine tests.

He remains in charge of government, although Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab chaired Monday's coronavirus meeting.

Mr Johnson, 55, tested positive for coronavirus 10 days ago.

In a tweet, he said he was "keeping in touch with my team as we work together to fight this virus and keep everyone safe".

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Video Comments Coronavirus: Boris Johnson in 'good spirits' in hospital - BBC News

David Jones
Comment by : David Jones

Daniel de souza
I'm glad he's in good spitits. That's what imperative. I hope that rug's big enough to sweep up all the government's mistakes! Imagine if the free press got wind of a scandal where the government were making so many avoidable mistakes that made them an international embarrassment. Long live the BBC and the free press. holding those in power accountable consistlently.
Comment by : Daniel de souza

Norman Williams
The plainsman
Comment by : Norman Williams

Leila Keal
Comment by : Leila Keal

Kev the truth
Comment by : Kev

Ashley Baldwin
Comment by : Ashley Baldwin

where are a a tests for as? how can we know if somebody have a coronavirus?
Comment by : Antares

alpha beta
It would appear that St Thomas' hospital is collaborating in the Corona hoax. Americans have been filming their local hospitals and can't find any sign of a corona crisis #filmyourhospital
Comment by : alpha beta

I don't understand the domestic abuse information. Now everyone's home for a few weeks men are beating their wives? What sane minded person wouldn't realise what a scumbag they where with before deciding to be in a relationship. Or how can it only become apparent now after about 2 weeks. It just seems so stupid and I'm sure there's some agenda I'm not getting yet from them putting this out there. I'm sure all the inhuman woman beaters where already doing this with their partners for many years as they already agreed to live together and it's only being spoke about because everything coronavirus related is being covered 24/7. What's actually being done about it? Oh let's end the lockdown so the domestic abuse claims are less frequent therefore irrelevant to talk about? It's all just nonsense. The weather's nice outside though and police embarrassingly asking 1 out of 100 people to go inside wont change a thing about whatever the end result will be.
Comment by : Kenny

Stellar Living
Hope he's ok
Comment by : Stellar Living

John Watson
Wasn't fit to run this great country to begin with ,hope he recovers returns to family life.
Comment by : John Watson

paul wignall
Comment by : paul wignall

Sagar Vaidh
I pray to God to for his rapid recovery
Comment by : Sagar Vaidh

Comment by : BLESSED

Im sure he is.
Comment by : JK JK

shyam kc
Get well soon Boris sir god with you
Comment by : shyam kc

jay bell
Has preity patel shown Any symptoms as well..... 😉
Comment by : jay bell

Glory of Art
i pray that your pm gets better soon and God will give them  the strength to fight the Corona.
Comment by : Glory of Art

Isaac Apata
I pray for PM Boris Johnson speedy recovery, and we shall come out victorious over this covid19 pandemic
Comment by : Isaac Apata

bin chen
"Good spirits". I have been listening to the Chinese experts since January. They say 50% to 60% of patients in ICU will die.
Comment by : bin chen

Chieki Mr.
PRAYER for the recovery of our dear Prime Minister, Boris Johnson and as many as are sick at this time.
By: Chieki Chukwuezugo, in Hong Kong.

Hear my prayer, O Lord, and let my cry come to you.
Do not hide your face from Boris Johnson in this day of trouble;
Incline your ear to him; answer him speedily.
Give ear to his supplications and in your faithfulness answer him.

Do not enter into judgment with your servant Boris Johnson,
for in your sight no one living is righteous.
Do not hide your face from Boris Johnson,
lest he be like those who go down.

Cause Boris Johnson to hear your lovingkindness in the morning,
for in you Boris Johnson puts his trust;
Cause Boris Johnson to know the way in which he should walk,
for he (Boris Johnson) lifts up his soul to you.

Revive Boris Johnson, O Lord, for your name’s sake!
For your righteousness’ sake bring Boris Johnson’ soul out of trouble.
In your mercy heal Boris Johnson and all those who are sick at this time,
For he (Boris Johnson) is your servant.
We are your people.

These and all other things I pray, in the name of Yahshua (Jesus), your son; our Lord. Amen.

And now my people:
“The Lord bless you and keep you;

The Lord make His face shine upon you,
And be gracious to you;

The Lord lift up His countenance upon you,
And give you peace.” ’ Amen.
Numbers 6:24-26 (NKJV)

Comment by : Chieki Mr.

Jonney Jun Mu
Hope Boris fully recovered asap, He is a brave leader .
Comment by : Jonney Jun Mu

Freddie Shreddie TV
Comment by : Freddie Shreddie TV

Ayan Mohamed
Get well soon
Comment by : Ayan Mohamed

Julien Sauvage
Comment by : Julien Sauvage

huco digital
I am praying for Boris Johnson speedy recovery and for all around the globe. At this very point I urge everyone belongs to any religion, country, or ethnicities to forget all kinds of differences and fight and support each other. Iam praying that Allah the almighty will soon help us defeating this virus.
Love from a Pakistani resident of Dubai.

Comment by : huco digital

Tony Shum
Get well BJ !! .
Comment by : Tony Shum

Gemma Baker
Injection covinns virns
Comment by : Gemma Baker

heri dauw
Cut The spreading, from islam we learnt that ear Nose are yhe of infection to lungs...mask both...
Comment by : heri dauw

Edgar Kaufmann
What medical centers are doing is actually murder, because they could have saved them with high dose vitamin C intravenously. Watch what your shit media has censored: 50 TONS OF VITAMIN C TO WUHAN, China Using Vitamin C Against COVID ​ This was 23rd Feb. Today: Problem solved. USA: does censor this information, since the cheap vitamin C would make billions of sales of other drugs obsolet.
Comment by : Edgar Kaufmann

Boris Johnson shopping from Arab shop in London

Comment by : Noor

Sara Ali
Get well soon Boris johnson hope u feel good soon
Comment by : Sara Ali

Strong Man
Go ahead and SHOUT SHOUT let it all out.........
Comment by : Strong Man

Boris no 😢
Comment by : polymechanos

Rosie Hutchinson
I'm so sorry for peepal are goon and Boris got it hop Boris is betr now homp all the athr peepal are getting betr to I undrstad verry siryas thing iv got landing difcctes and thank you for the lorra to look us in are homes to kipa us saff I thank you for the nusis looking aftr the pashns to gent them betr nrsis are good and the noos
Comment by : Rosie Hutchinson

Rob Coghill
Operation Last Gasp...
Comment by : Rob Coghill

Simo Ap84
Forza boris 💪
Comment by : Simo Ap84

Sheena camelhumphijabisnotislamic
Dont believe anything you hear! Be careful and DO STAY AT HOME!! only go out for food, electric and medicine/G.P etc.
Comment by : Sheena camelhumphijabisnotislamic

Danny Sullivan Music
There is very secret news here
very secret news

Comment by : Danny Sullivan Music

David Ayinde
My wife and I wish Mr Boris Johnson a speedy recovery. We are praying for him and every other person currently suffering with Coronavirus. Get well soon.
Comment by : David Ayinde

Faye Reeve
No hate please are world is a mess as it is hate dont help.
Comment by : Faye Reeve

Allan Sh
dude, getting in ICU means 50-50 survival rate
Comment by : Allan Sh

Gia LonG
Irresponsible 🦠😷🦇✈️☣️
Comment by : Gia LonG

Miss Dodds Looks like a product of inbreeding
Comment by : DezzyDerrick

Come Boris, you can do it. Come on lad!!
Comment by : AUDI A3 RS

Kevin L
Liars. He's getting his comeuppance.
What goes around, comes around... eh, Boris?
Karma's taking a huge bite this time.
Like other insincere people, I'm praying. Only I'm praying Trump comes and shakes your hands...maybe even a sweaty hug.

Comment by : Kevin L

None of the top comments utilise good grammar or literacy skills. Wish our NHS could fix that.
Comment by : wonderland78

somebody ??? get him on hydroxy,Z Pack,and Zinc immediately for God Sake
Comment by : Zac

he is in ICU now

Comment by : TORA

A Real Londoner
People need to forget about wishing harm on Boris because he acted probably not in the best way at the start, but he doesn't deserve this. Remember, China started this from living like utter scum and having no care about spreading this worldwide. WHO then protected China for at least 2-3 months, because China is the second biggest contributer to the WHO and it's corrupt head. No remember, if God forbid anything happens to Boris are you going to still point fingers or are you going to think the actions of a foreign power has caused not just death and destruction of economies, but the death of our Prime Minister. Regardless of your feelings towards Boris, there is a bigger picture here and everyone should be rallying to stand for Britain in this time against all enemies that threaten us.
Comment by : A Real Londoner

khix yolo
I have coronavirus but I'm getting better
Comment by : khix yolo

Neil Tucker
This is very sad. We need you Boris. Please get well and thoughts with you and your family 👍
Comment by : Neil Tucker

Joshua Lawrence
Hahaha good for boris he will survive
Comment by : Joshua Lawrence

B Man
He should have worn a burkha.
Comment by : B Man

Boris Sergeev
I wish you healthy recovery Mr. Johnson and I sing Sting's "Fields of Gold" for you because your hair reminds me a far golden age that must come, get healthy recovery prime minister, in my childhood I got pleasure by leastening the Lendler Waltz by Franz Schubert, hope you enjoy this amazing tune and get positive emotions!
Comment by : Boris Sergeev

He has just been moved into intensive care. Clearly there's nothing mild about this. I know they're putting a brave face on it but all this secrecy isn't working and is backfiring. I hope he has a speedy recovery.
Comment by : L W

Alan B’stard
Comment by : Alan B’stard

''Boris Johnson in 'good spirits' in hospital'' - Now moved to intensive care as his health has apparently gotten worse
Comment by : Adelante077

Shempola brown planet
Comment by : Shempola brown planet

Allan Wallace
God save our country and God save our prime minister in God save the population
Comment by : Allan Wallace

The- Truth
As a Türk , ı pray for him ... May Allah recover him ...
Comment by : The- Truth

Debopam Majumder
He is in the ICU now
Comment by : Debopam Majumder

Peaky Blinder
Poor Boris now in intensive care.
Comment by : Peaky Blinder

yusuke AST
So self isolation doesn''t work at all.
Sad news for those who are isolated at home.

Comment by : yusuke AST

Thrustin Von Helmut
The moron is going to die. Hilarious!
Comment by : Thrustin Von Helmut

claudio ortiz
Comment by : claudio ortiz

The Joker
Get well soon Boris. Any fully grown man who knocks a kid on his arse, like when you tackled that child in the rugby game, can't be all bad. 🏉👍❤️
Comment by : The Joker

Disco Party
CORONAVIRUS : Knock, knock.
HUMAN : Who's there?
HUMAN : Death......whu-u-u-u-r-r-rgh....

Comment by : Disco Party

Disco Party
CORONAVIRUS : Knock, knock.
HUMAN : Who's there?
HUMAN : Death......whu-u-u-u-r-r-rgh....

Comment by : Disco Party

Ian Dalziel
Lucky for Boris nurses are very professional and may well overlook his attitude to them in the past
meanwhile the Johnson/Cummings Death Curve heads upwards

Comment by : Ian Dalziel

john pontes
In the mean time can we stop this insane and inhumane lockdown????
Comment by : john pontes

Prayers for your PM. From the USA. He should rest and let the next person in line to lead.
Comment by : MsAnaheimgirl

@1:15 and if you're a bloke, tough shit, you've been deliberately excluded from help.
Comment by : blazednlovinit

Abad Ali
Sad sad sad... wasting the time of doctors... mild symptoms... NHS kick him out.. send him home... dont let him make a mockery us... Plz resign
Comment by : Abad Ali

siddu Mundodagi
We indians pray for your recovery sir. God is with you. Don't worry. But don't leave chaina.
Comment by : siddu Mundodagi

loui loui
Beat the virus boss!
Comment by : loui loui

Cardinal Sin
he is in the bullingdon suite.
Comment by : Cardinal Sin

Stephen Roche
Caronavirus 1 Boris johnson 0
Comment by : Stephen Roche

Lorena Charlotte
Boris Johnson needs resting to combat the virus. That is the way immune system is boosted. Differently his disease might be exacerbated getting very severe.
Comment by : Lorena Charlotte

Spideog FoH
Is nobody going to call boris out on his deplorable pretending to have the virus and social profiteering off this crisis?
He fanned the flames causing countless deaths and misfortune with his inaction, delay and 'herd immunity' plan. He fucked up royally and so he got diagnosed with the virus by his spin doctors to pass the blame. Playing the part of the stiff upper lip "devoted underdog" (or gobshite) the people with short memories and little talent for critical thinking will flock to him, wish him well and forget that it's because of him grandma's dead.

Comment by : Spideog FoH

Sheeple are Lame
I'm cheer leading Covid19 in this case <<< FREE ASSANGE
Comment by : Sheeple are Lame

His poor GF is chegnant with child how is she getting on ?
Comment by : chestikov2011

Bill Platers

Comment by : Bill Platers

Bill Platers

Comment by : Bill Platers

The Psychotic fucker from hell ;
Yeah a large scotch whiskey and a couple broads feeding him Turkish delight and mopping his brow more like.bojo the clown
Comment by : The Psychotic fucker from hell ;

Less one idiot!
Comment by : LAOMUSIC ARTS

Is hiding good or bad for the evolution and longevity of the human race? Curious, since the hardships made us as perfect as we are today
Comment by : jamesw242

Salvo Smith
Good for him ... all people who have died thanks to him delaying the lockdown are not on good spirits though nor are their families .
Comment by : Salvo Smith

980ssb Bearcat
His hair always looks like he just got out of his bed, it's hard tell when he is sick or when he isn't. Anyway, hope he will get well soon.
Comment by : 980ssb Bearcat

Richard Webb
The words 'hoist' and 'petard' come to mind.
Comment by : Richard Webb

Patricia Handa
Tests= blood oxygen and chest x-ray. Also cultures to check for secondary infections. He likely has pneumonia and they just don't want to say so. Sure would be nice if he had a second in command he could put in charge until he recovers.
Comment by : Patricia Handa

Xenia Cheah
Pls recovered soon. He's a good prime minister
Comment by : Xenia Cheah

What brand of scotch? How many years?
Comment by : Trabiccolo

Just me Init for the truth new video is showing millions worldwide what’s goin on millions of people are getting
Ready to leave this scam

Comment by : Just me Init

Yunhan W
I never thought that one day Boris joins the herd immunity club, I thought it was a joke
Comment by : Yunhan W

Harry Iyer
The world’s going to shit. Everything’s fucked but the good news is BoJo’s in hospital in good spirits. That solves all of the worlds problems.
Comment by : Harry Iyer

Celtic Highlander&AHook
I see someone is whitewashing the comments nice freedom of speech bbc
Comment by : Celtic Highlander&AHook

Celtic Highlander&AHook
He put us all at RISK refusing to shut down flights and spreading it into our country. he said HERD immunity wiling to sacrifice us that are vulnerable to die. well now you suck it up buttercup............ enjoy your HERD immunity
Comment by : Celtic Highlander&AHook

Alexander Podolsky
may he repent his sins before death
Comment by : Alexander Podolsky

Routine tests ? Lol yeah right. He's probably on a ventilator.
Comment by : Talcum

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