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Q Anon/News - Pull On This Thread - 1.4.19

Video info Q Anon/News - Pull On This Thread - 1.4.19

Title :  Q Anon/News - Pull On This Thread - 1.4.19
Duration :   1637
User :  In Pursuit of Truth
Publication Date :   2019-01-04
Views :   123,167
Liked :   8
Not liked :   88

Video frames Q Anon/News - Pull On This Thread - 1.4.19


Video Description Q Anon/News - Pull On This Thread - 1.4.19

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Video Comments Q Anon/News - Pull On This Thread - 1.4.19

These links authorize GITMO !
Comment by : lgb

Eudoxia LAnon
Nice going SP Mack 18 outa 10! Great confirmation - zero speculation. Just what the doctor ordered WWG1WGA! !!!!!
Comment by : Eudoxia LAnon

Chris Walton
I like Russ Ballard's song "your time is going to come" especially the tick tock at the beginning, the only exceptions are they are the ones freaking out and we're the ones who win. we can walk in the streets, they won't be able to😎 military tribunals and all . .. PERIOD
Comment by : Chris Walton

Rivers Bliss
Trump is not going to save you.
Comment by : Rivers Bliss

Jose Berrios Jr
Hilarious. You sound like a disc jockey.
Comment by : Jose Berrios Jr

T Wal
Awesome Sauce! Thank you! πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ˜˜πŸ‡§πŸ‡·
Comment by : T Wal

I wonder why all these Qanons don't actually do something in real life: send a ton of mail to politicians demanding a border wall, demanding non-partisan and independent investigations, etc.
As long as you play around together on YT channels or elsewhere on the net and do nothing in real life, nothing will happen.
Deliverance by Q is always 1-2 weeks away... and then it doesn't happen. You keep doing the same thing and you expect something different to happen. Why?

Comment by : noname

silva silva
Stand by to stand by...sounds like an Army term...I do however like Double whopper with hopefully that double whopper is right off the grill..
Comment by : silva silva

Dino Danelli
Beautiful wife ? Treasonous wife you mean
Comment by : Dino Danelli

Anna Strong Culper
Word, from the Kremlin (make of it what you will), is that Q is: four-star general & 39th Chief of Staff of the Army, Mark A. Milley. MAGA!
Comment by : Anna Strong Culper

Beverly Harlan
FANTASTIC!!!!! We will standby and eagerly await your next post! THANQ SO MUCH!!!
Comment by : Beverly Harlan

Dark O.L. 1
About the borrowed documents related to UAP's &
UFO's... We're not saying govt officials have met with aliens, yet, but... Old business before new.

Comment by : Dark O.L. 1

Dave Edwards
Hi Sir Patrick, I finally broke down and joined Tweeter. Looks like Michael posted Dec 31...I just went back to see more and this is what I have now!

Your account has been locked.

Deplorable Hillbilly Dave
What happened?
Your account appears to have exhibited unusual behavior that violates the Twitter Rules. To unlock your account, please complete the steps below and confirm that you are the valid account owner.
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Comment by : Dave Edwards

Celeste -
.... definitely conspiracy, RICO violations,and treason..... since Trump is a master of timing, he must be waiting for the right time.... the right time would give all of them enough rope to hang themselves ... them being MSM, WAPO, NYTimes, the FISA judge who accepted Flynn’s guilty plea, FBI, DOJ, CIA and the UK & Australia Five Eyes program...Sally Yates, Loretta Lynch... the DNC and Clinton for paying to create the dossier .... and that leads to Obama ... and we haven’t even gotten to Uranium 1, Ben Gazi and the Clinton Foundation....omg

Comment by : Celeste -

Doggo dancing rules
Comment by : J B

Googlesucks100 Ballsandshafts
You sound like Military.
Comment by : Googlesucks100 Ballsandshafts

Scot Melick
Congratulations NANCY PELOSI? WOW!! This woman is the ENEMY! Do NOT Congratulate her ... CONDEMN Everything this Monster & her Satanic Party DO!! This is NOT A TIME FOR CELEBRATION. This is a time to Speak the Truth and the Truth is Not Congratulating Nancy Pelosi. This is a time to find out how & why these Anti Americans keep getting Re - Elected and Time to WARN The True American People about this Monster & her Party!!
Comment by : Scot Melick

I have a question. Why are the tribunals being held in secret. When Q says "The choice to know will be yours" it makes me worried that Anons are going to be the only ones to know whats really happening - ever. The public has the right and need to know. I can understand things being kept under the radar in the beginning but i really hope eventually there will be official disclosure to the public - otherwise its not really "dark to light" - its just dark to gray.
Comment by : PoorMan

Jennifer L Metro
Trey Gowdy's the leak/source? He didn't say anything afterwards because he did not want to repeat his self and thus implicate his self as the leak. Just an idea. I LOVE TREY GOWDY!!!!
Comment by : Jennifer L Metro

Christy Vigil
Pelosi !!... What a waste of air !! Can someone end that mess ?
Comment by : Christy Vigil

Cindy Merkley
I just can't believe the post and Times lol dun dun. Thank you Greg. Scary secret courts and no one watching
Comment by : Cindy Merkley

Quad Condor
This will make. Michele Obama's penis go limp for sure.
Comment by : Quad Condor

Cindy Merkley
Lol. Every body DANCE. Love it
Comment by : Cindy Merkley

LauraBeth Plumlee
Question.... why does everyone call Nelly.... the beautiful Nelly Ohr? Bruce Ohr's beautiful wife Nelly??? You have seen that woman and there's nothing beautiful about her or her actions. Where did the beautiful part come from??
Comment by : LauraBeth Plumlee

larry mitchell
"If that bastard wins we'll all hang!"...Hillary Clinton.
Comment by : larry mitchell

Andrew Smith
I don't comment on videos, but if this is true, holy shit.
Comment by : Andrew Smith

Frances Larsen
At the risk of sounding really antiquated, my brain is spinning - I grew up with the image of Washington Post being the great risk taker with the whole Watergate thing, All the President's Men etc. etc. .. [and still trying to process the allegations against Dustin Hoffman with sexually taking advantage of some women, and another beloved actor accused of having a child sex slave that was MK ultra] and now I am seeing this multi-layered, mother of complex "thing" or whatever (!) of collusion, corruption, cover-up, sedition, treason, that encompasses every level and every department of every single area. My brain...
Comment by : Frances Larsen

IPOT we follow Q and we have known MSM has the full copy of FISA declas documents for many months,...they are all complicit in the cover up...and they doubled down on the cover up and their anti Russia rhetoric, all the time knowing they had all the declas FISA docs.
Comment by : perfumedradio

Billie Knoll
Comment by : Billie Knoll

Trey Gowdy Is a fake I've been watching videos of him since the obama administration he sounds so good but nothing has ever ever come from his interrogations he's a false profit like Jeff Flake was or Lindsey Graham when he protected Kavanaugh it's all for show nothing ever happens
Comment by : Trevorkian

NO-Deals [+] LADIES-'First'!!! >(*U^)<

'Walel' ... FIREWORK!!! >(*U^)< Enjoyed.

'Unnamed'-Third-AGENCY!!!??? >(*U^)< [6]-Agency-TASKFORCE (Cf Towergate-Bloke) ie

Are you ready? Yes, I'm ready! Are you ready? Yes, I'm ready!!! To watch em hang!
Comment by : Godzilla

New to the channel , good shit bro πŸ‘πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

Shieled Lamb
His 'wife' is Anything but beautiful.
Comment by : Shieled Lamb

Christopher Smith
Anyone take a look at Billary's book club review Twitter for '18? interesting layout in the titles
Comment by : Christopher Smith

"I"m-'Guessing' DECLAS Will-@-[SOTU] ... Whole-World Will-Be-'Watching' ... Including Her-MAJESTY!!!??? >(*U^)< (Joke)

Emily Cruz
wow. is Bruce Ohr still alive? I'd imagine he needs to watch his back big time.
Comment by : Emily Cruz

Rick Hultman
Thanks for your time and WWG1WGA....SIR MAC PATRICK

Comment by : Rick Hultman

leachristin stout

Comment by : leachristin stout

mark luttrell
re; the MSM with B.S. stories. Didn't BHO issue an EO about Allowing Propaganda if it's 'for the good of the nation'. That gets a load of people off the hook. Legalizes Cover-up stories and more. A freePass for Liars.
Comment by : mark luttrell

Curtis Lilly
We need to lock these commie news guys up
Comment by : Curtis Lilly

If more people would open their eyes, this would be over quickly. But alas, for whatever reason, they can not see how truly important this is. I remember what scared the crap out of me was to see Clapper & Brennan sitting in set, informing us that Trump would be removed from office, one way or another. I've been awake for a while, but even that scared me. Basically, I felt they were going to assassinate MY President!. We need to keep putting this out there. I have sent hundreds of people in your direction. You deserve it! Thank you!
Comment by : emya098

I had to relook up a picture of Nelly Ohr. Is she beautiful on the inside? They keep saying beautiful. When I hear beautiful I think of Melania et al. I am just thinking she has to be beautiful on the inside. I'm not being me. She's normal, like the rest of us. So we are all beautiful!
Comment by : cleric1962

Why do you move so much, Sir Pat? Is someone looking for you? This is very intriguing.
Comment by : OsakaRose

patricia dotson
I am new to all of this. Can someone please tell me what was meant by the remark at 22:44 approx about Trey Gowdy...Is there some evidence of wrongdoing that I have missed? He impresses me. I would hate to learn otherwise. Excellent portrayal of the facts here. Thank you so much.
Comment by : patricia dotson

Ponder the Paradox
PLACE YOUR BETS!!!...Place your bets!!!..........Bruce Ohr disappears, ending up in an "unexpected" suicide/plane crash/ mugging gone bad,etc...
Comment by : Ponder the Paradox

Nick Nqq
by the way I told you I love your style and humor for got to mention love your content great job. many blessings
Comment by : Nick Nqq

Raven Page
I always look forward to your videos. Adding a bit of comedy the way you do makes this bearable. I always refer to her as Skeletor. Cracked me up. Thanks for the laughs. :)
Comment by : Raven Page

john Last
Love your work.. Is there anything to the misspellings and grammar?
Comment by : john Last

ZipYour Lib
..its Hanging time in the City...from the LBC to WA, DC you'll See, you'll see w/ me & Louise...
Comment by : ZipYour Lib

Cheryl Whitestone
Another Great Report ! Thanks, I am new to Twitter, where the action is !! Amazing drops, news in real time. Many have no time to unravel Q crumbs, appreciate the Wrap in videos, fun talented videographer Sir Patrick, love sum cheesy something burgers, delicious for the patriot soul, the News that fills me up. Much love for your service, wish I could help pay, I have been strapped financially :( or I would. Sending encouragement and appreciation to you. RTweets on twitty, did I see BAD putty CATs ? ... Yes ! O my ! keep up the great reveals TY
Comment by : Cheryl Whitestone

Renae Anderson
I truly can't believe how horrible these unfortunate evildoers are ablivious to their hypocritical and lying ways they will do say rape jail and actually kill to keep their game and fortune it's insane they are not normal
Comment by : Renae Anderson

eugene nichol
Love you Sir Patrick. Have you ever wondered why you have more videos than subscribers???? What's wrong with that picture??? Love you dude, keep up the good work!!
Comment by : eugene nichol

Boo to Pelosi...Loser
Comment by : sutie

Josephine Pritchard
Wow...great video...explosive....take down the DemonRats....Gitmo
Comment by : Josephine Pritchard

Barney Fife
How odd is that? I had just finished reading Greg Rubini's twitter comments. I must be on to something. :0) Thanks a bunch! Have you all seen this? : : Trump notified Russia of US Military Moves to Mexican Border and Brazil after Captured American Spy Linked to Hillary Clinton And This: the truth about Andrew McCabe & Horowitz and many other black hats/bad actors ----- 29 Japanese scientists killed by A.I. robots

Comment by : Barney Fife

Gary Vance
Your the best. But the clock is ticking. The arrest should have already happened. Trump needs to pull this off fast and it will still take two years for the people who wake up from this before it sinks in. And they find out how dirty the Democratic convention is. But Thank you for all you do to revile the truth.
Comment by : Gary Vance

Carlos Subic Danger
You are the Man
Comment by : Carlos Subic Danger

Dennis Jemison
Wow, Sure Cleared up a lot for me!!! THX Brother!!! God Bless...Amen
Comment by : Dennis Jemison

William Bogue
Contreras WAS recused. He did not recuse himself. That was an important point no one seems to remember. Judge Jeanine asked Who recused him? And why?
Comment by : William Bogue

Cinda Schuster
TRAITOR 44 should be in GITMO!
Everyone knows what that TRAITOR PIG is all about!
No Quarter for TRAITORS!
America First.. United We Stand Divided We Fall!! πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ MAGA!

Comment by : Cinda Schuster

Joe Jolly
I can taste the flavour. Mmmmm
Comment by : Joe Jolly

Bill Quantrill
Hang them all.
Comment by : Bill Quantrill

armondo carpino
bit I love him..
Comment by : armondo carpino

armondo carpino
wish trey G
..he would of been a force to be reckon w...

Comment by : armondo carpino

Sandy Fish
I am SO looking forward to the day all of this πŸ₯“πŸ§€πŸ”goes β€œpublic”. MSN will have no choice but to report πŸ€” NO deals for traitors! #WWG1WGA πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ
Comment by : Sandy Fish

Janis Hewes
There is NO HONOR among thieves someone once said..
Comment by : Janis Hewes

Amazing work and thanQ!! I had to watch parts of it twice to take it all in. WOW, it sure looks like the noose is tightening around a whole lot of people at the same time. BRING IT!!! #WWG1WGA! QQQQQQQQQ
Comment by : pegster6

Janis Hewes
I dance when you are on TYVM
Comment by : Janis Hewes

Lizzy Sherwood
Beautiful wife? 😬
Comment by : Lizzy Sherwood

You are by far the best (and most entertaining ds/q analysis channel on YouTube. Keep the gifs and memes coming too. Thank you Sir Pat. 😊
Comment by : adamsky

Pat Avery
Wonderful just Wonderful . and keeping the faith, praying for all of us, wishing for a MAGA New Year!
Comment by : Pat Avery

Jimmy Fallin
Outstanding video information you are the MAN IPOT!!!! I love how you break up the depressing information with the light hearted video clips you add in and always look forward to your videos.
Comment by : Jimmy Fallin

Patrick Keenehan
Sir Patrick- Just love your program.Try to listen everyday. My daily dose. Best real news source out there. Who needs the mainstream media. I hope when this is all over or well on the way you get rewarded for your hard work, dedication to the cause and your masterful delivery of Q and current events. And love your wit and sense of humor. Don’t change.
Comment by : Patrick Keenehan

Jonathan Clark
Ahhh skellitor lives
Comment by : Jonathan Clark

Ufo Hunters
Wow great show today MAGA !!!
Comment by : Ufo Hunters

Thai Jen
Skelator! LOL
Comment by : Thai Jen

You Tuber
What up Mac
Comment by : You Tuber

Air Force Girl
Great video as always! Still trying to figure out what the Trey Gowdy reference was all about? I continue to have my doubts about him.
Comment by : Air Force Girl

Wesley Chapman
Good work, Sir Patrick! With so many Q-Anon fans afflicted by frustration, impatience and even review Bruce Ohr's testimony is a powerful reminder of where things really stand and how deep the trouble is, for the Dems & Deep State. What we badly need right now is encouragement...and you've provided it. Many thanks.
Comment by : Wesley Chapman

I'm confused on Gowdy….again. Q said he was a patriot. That he's leaving D.C. says otherwise. As does his silence after this behind doors meeting. Is the scoop on him out there and I missed it?
Comment by : rkbl87

Halcion Koenig
... Oh what tangled webs we weave ...
Comment by : Halcion Koenig

Kevin S.
Rep. Jim Jordan is the best thing to ever come out of Ohio. Forget about astronauts.
Comment by : Kevin S.

Sergio Cabezuela
Marry me.
Comment by : Sergio Cabezuela

Can someone explain all of Trump's empty threats? FISA release, cutting aid to Central America, ending sanctuary cities/states, military build the wall.... When the Democrats say they are going to do a thing, they do it. Articles of impeachment already filed. I voted for him to do, not talk.
Comment by : OldManWinter

The War for the West
Can't believe people actually believe this QANON stuff after every single prediction made by him didn't happen. Or does that not matter?
Comment by : The War for the West

Truth Patriot
Love your show 😍
Comment by : Truth Patriot

Benjamin John
Comment by : Benjamin John

wearethenewsnow anon
Do you know what i think? I think he might be a Chinese spy. And Nellie might be a Russian spy. And they are in our DOJ! I also think they married so they couldn't testify against each other. I think a lot of marriages are like that in D.C. Like Rod Rosenstein and his wife, forget her name. Q told us to watch the wives. This may be one of the meanings. Since that phrase has a couple other meanings.
Comment by : wearethenewsnow anon

Randy Clark
LOVE YOUR CHANNEL, please keep up the great work !!!!
Comment by : Randy Clark

Malinda scott
Was reported today that President opened one of the sealed indictments on Joe Biden.
Said he has been making money on gas and oil. Not to mention the child molesting.

Comment by : Malinda scott

Great work mang !! it's Friday and i am hoping there will be some Q drops tonight . fingers crossed X
Comment by : time2cclear

Keith Perry
Bruce Ohr and Nellie Ohr will never ever ever ever do the perp walk. It will never happen. Our country, our government is much too corrupt still. We will never see Justice in our government. Thank God we have a president who is actually a president. We haven't had an actual president in this country for over 25 years.
Comment by : Keith Perry

Malinda scott
Comment by : Malinda scott

Outstanding info, great work Patrick
Comment by : MTM

Mike Mercer
Comment by : Mike Mercer

Matthew Hensman
You are a blessing to many πŸ™
Comment by : Matthew Hensman

Shane Dorries
I stopped at 1:19 seconds just to say... NAILED IT!!!!!!
Comment by : Shane Dorries

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